What do you think of these supplements ?


Any tips in losing weight? Really can’t seem to shift it


  • anup sarker

    Seem to be will do noting to your body. For loosing weight you have to do diet and exercise. But for dieting you need proper nutrition, because you can fall in lack of nutrition. You should eat more fruits and vegetables, as they will meet up your nutrition need but won’t increase weight. You can take vitamin supplement. Take "Juice Plus" , it is a leading brand and they make supplement form real fruits and vegetables . So you will get whole food based nutrition but not the fat and sugar. It will help you to loose weight. Also in a research i found that sleeping much helps to loose weight. I haven’t check this, but found in a blog. You will get the supplement – http://www.riderjuiceplus.com

  • Losing weight is mostly diet

  • Hamish

    How old are you?
    go on lamsucle.co.uk
    most effective brand you’ll find. they are expensive but they are really good. people thought they had steroids they were so effective

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