Water only diet for colon cleanse?

I don’t want to do an enema. So I’m having only water to detox myself for three days before I have anal sex (I want to be clean lol). Win this cleanse my colon? Should I also take a laxative?


  • EllenCathleen

    I agree with Vivian… Actually our colon can remove the feces from our body and it doesn’t require any laxatives or any therapies. Colon health depends on the diet what we taking. If you follow proper diet which includes fiber, vegetables, fruits and fish along with more water it can do its work properly. Regular workouts also are part of the colon health.

  • Vivian

    I hope this is a trolol because this is ridiculous. Your body is always working to cleanse itself through the foods your eat. Which is why when you eat healthy you poo more and fart (also they smell worse because its ridding itself of garbage; aka detoxifying). If you eating unhealthy it’s harder and your body wont be able to rid itself. Laxatives will screw up your metabolism and intestines so you’ll gain weight. Eat fibre and eat regularly

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