Thyroid Problems?

I suffer from depression, and insomnia (as well as anxiety, and eating disorder, linked to depression). Someone mentioned to me that it might be a thyroid problem. How is one tested for this? Can I just go to the walk-in clinic and get blood work done?

Is there any other symptoms I should look for?


  • kittykat

    My psychiatrist sent me to get labs done foe this. Often times, a person who has depression can have also a underlying medical condition. Such as a low thyroid.
    Talk to your medical doctor. Or a psychiatrist.

  • reluctant A

    yes find and dig more on hypothyroidism… or, have some awsome sweating week full of adventurous fun and enthusiastic week… make your depression flee…

  • agsf a

    yeah, just get a blood test

  • Usually your family doctor orders the testing, which is blood work. It is very important for you to test first thing in the morning only, especially if they are testing TSH (standard thyroid test) TSH is near its high point in the morning. Besides a TSH, you should ask for a free t4 and free t3. Quite common are low free t3 levels with those who are hypothyroid with the symptom of depression. Below midrange free t3 could indicate the need for a T4/T3 medication.

    There is healthcheck where you can have testing withoit a doctor’s order/ See link below

    Other symptoms besides depression may include; mood changes, headaches, weight gain, brain fog, constipation, dry skin, dry thinning hair, fertility problems, low body temp, cold feet/and or hands, increased cholesterol, ridged fingernails with no moons, muscle and joint aches,

  • twilsen123

    Sometimes thyroid problems can mimic depression. There’s a simple blood test that can help your physician determine if your depression is linked to thyroid issues. If nothing else, it can either pinpoint or eliminate (rule-out) a possible cause for your depression.

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