thyroid problem and pregnant?

i just went to my ob for my monthly check up…baby and i are both doing great. unfortuantly i have been experiencing lots of hot flashes and heart palpitations. the doctor is sending me for a thyroid blood test. what does it mean if i do have a thyroid problem? what will i have to do to fix the thyroid issue? will it affect my baby?

about me: i am 20 healthy just a touch of asthma


  • I have hypothyroid disease. I got it after I had my first child. I have been on medication to regulate it for 10 years now. I have also been pregnant during this time. If the doctor finds out that you have a thyroid condition, you will be put on a hormonal medication to help your thyroid function out. You may have to start with a higher dosage because you are pregnant,(mine went up during pregnanty, back down afterward). The medicine is safe for baby and is needed by both you and your baby. Fatigue, heart palpitations, fatigue, and gaining weight are signs of hypothyroidism, if you are losing weight it could be hyperthyroidism, this is where your thyroid is overowrking, hypo is underworking. Hope I helped some:)

  • My Princess Zerhiena 5/27/09

    i have asthma and im anemic i also have thyroid problems and i was also pregnant when i had it all they did was give me synthroid pills and they do not affect the baby the pills will get your thyroids back to normal.

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