Possible Thyroid problem?

For the last few months I have experienced some weird symptoms. I have a friend who is a Pharmacy Tech and she thinks I have the symptoms of a thyroid problem. My hair is falling out by the handful, enough to clog the shower drain with one shower. At any given time I can touch the ends of my hair and have a handful come out. (My hair is past the middle of my back, but still). My face and hair are usually really oily, when I never had that problem before. I have pretty bad insomnia, sometimes I can sleep at night but usually no matter what time I go to bed I wake up at 5-7a.m. . That’s even if I go to bed at 3 a.m. I’m tired all of the time, pretty weak and I have trouble concentrating and remembering things. I also have ADD and ADHD so maybe the concentration problem is just that. I’ve gained weight unexplained lately. Anyone think this could be my thyroid? If not, then whats wrong with me?
I’m 18, and if this makes any difference my periods are usually VERY heavy with alot of BAD cramping, and this month, it has seemed pretty light, and only minor cramps.


  • joni38

    My hair started coming out like that and I thought it was menopause…but…turned out I did have thyroid trouble. It is easily diagnosed – they will take blood tests and do scans…I have"toxic nodules" on my thyroid which were producing too much hormone – another symptom I had was that my periods became earlier and earlier – like 5 days early – and my cycle was like every 22 days instead of the normal 28 . The treatment (for me) is an inexpensive medicine I take every day. My hair has not returned though to its prior state which was very thick – but with a good haircut and good choice of hair products it isn’t as bad as it was…I lost maybe 50% of the volume of my hair – it was extremely thick to start with though. Just make an appointment with your family doctor to start – they will refer you to an endocrinologist if your blood levels are off.

    I want to add that my hair fell out with hyPER-thyroid (high thyroid) condition, not hyPO-thyroid (low thyroid)..so you can still be hyper and have this problem.

  • JPsMom

    I’ve had thyroid problems since 1992. Half of my thyroid was removed with radioactive iodine.
    The only way to know for sure is to go to your doctor and have a blood test. Then there won’t be any guessing.

  • kate112280

    Sounds like it could be. Are you on any new meds? It could also be a side effect from those. Do some research on google. But I would def go get a blood test.

  • sunshine in ohio 22

    .Hi there I had the same problem 12 years ago ,( hair falling tired all the time I didn’t eat much but gain+++ ect…) I went for a physical thinking that was part of having a baby It was depression …..to find out it was hypothyroidism. I’m on medication which has help alot. Make an appointment its just on blood tube they need to say if you have it or not.

  • whitney b


  • isabel

    it’s a thyroid problem. you may have hypothyroidism. go to a physician, so that he could have your thyroid hormones check. it may not necessary to have surgery immediately, if your condition is still mild.

  • crossstitchkelly

    You’re about the right age for hypothyroidism to first start kicking in, so go get tested. Along with hair loss and sleep problems, do you also get cold easily? Are you gaining weight? And your skin may look dull. If you do have it, your doctor will prescribe a daily thyroid supplement, probably Synthroid or Thyroxin.

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