No poop! Orange Juice in Water for 2 month old baby?

My baby is a 2 month old and breastfed.

On the recommendation of my doctor I put a drop of orange juice in some water for my baby who hadn’t pooped in 6 days. It worked within about 15 minutes – she filled her nappy. The poop was soft and light brown.

Anyway – then she didn’t go again for 7 days!! So I’ve put a small drop of orange in some water again and it cleared her out within minutes.

In those seven poopless days, I had done baby massage and ‘taking the temperature’ etc… nothing worked.

How long should I wait this time – I don’t want to keep putting juice in her water to make her bowels move – but she was getting to the point of crying and straining all of the time because she was trying to poo.

On a side note: She is getting enough liquids because she’s soaking her nappies many times a day. She’s a very content baby other than the pooping issue – it’s just when she’s trying to poo that she gets crying and straining.

Your advice is appreciated!


  • sam s

    the juice wont cause harm to her even if you did put it in regularly my son had the same problem i used to use the "hipp" organic fennel drink its labelled for 4 months but if u make it weak and dont leave the bag in there for long its fine my health visitor gave me this tip and it worked well its organic and has no sugar and is very soothing plus if you fancy one yourself you can!

  • Kristy

    Do you give your baby rice cereal? or Banana or apple baby food? If you do, I would cut those foods out, they are very constipating for babies (and me sometimes).
    I give my daughter water (without any juice) every morning and it helps great with constipation.
    But sometimes, she just gets backed up.This morning we gave her prunes for breakfast because she didn’t go yesterday.

  • pickles

    i know its gross but use a baby suppository and mole it in there for 15 min by just holding cheeks together

  • yellowfish

    i think 6 / 7 days without a poo its way too much
    if it keeps happening ask your doctor to give your baby referral to your local hospital pediatrician unit
    she is only 2 month old

  • 2Beagles

    Please don’t rely on advise from people here. Ask your doctor. It’s possible your baby will have to be put on formula for her to go properly, but you need to talk to your doctor. My son had a problem when he was a baby too and we had to buy some suppositories (sp?) at the doctor’s advise and it worked. We also gave him prune juice.

  • Cheryl J

    If your baby is taking strained fruits, try giving her some prunes. That always did the trick with my kids, and now my grandson.

    If she is still only taking the breast milk, try examining your own diet to see if you could change something that way.

  • Lights O

    I’m no expert, but I have a little second hand experience in the matter and I know that constipation can be caused by hard matter down low in the system that blocks the newer, softer matter from coming out. Harder matter is difficult to push out. Juice can’t have any effect on the harder matter because it’s already too low in the system. The high fiber will stimulate movement of the matter up higher in the system. And perhaps the softer matter just "goes around" the harder stuff. And then, the harder stuff settles back down to cause blockage.

    And so, it seems you’d need a stoole softener.

  • redplanet

    As disgusting as this sounds, why not try the "taking the temperature" method with a small bunch of parsley. My grandmother and mother used to do that with me when I was young, and it works really well for most babies.

    Other than that, the best advice I can give is to try to get a referral for a pediatrician. Ask if there is something in the orange juice that your daughter could be deficient in (like a certain vitamin) that would otherwise help her poop.

    Good luck!

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