Mission: eat 5 a day?

How can you make veg tasty any tips of what i can do to them cos i don’t eat enough fruit and veg but i hate it its icky i know i sound like a child haha! but i need to eat some veg i don’t think i have touched veg for about 6 months its really not healthy i’m a student as well so it has to be easy to do!


  • favors98

    I dip my raw vegetables in a little ranch dressing. Vegetables like carrots, broccoli, and celery. I put a lot of romaine lettuce and raw baby spinach on my turkey cheese sandwiches because the baby spinach and romain lettuce doesn’t really have a taste to them. You can also try making your salad with romain lettuce, raw broccoli, carrots, strawberries, and grapes and then top your salad with your favorite dressing. To pick up the slack of not eating the recommended 9-13 fruits and vegetables a day I take Juice Plus whole food supplements; it is 17 raw fruits, vegetables and grains, in a capsule, chewable, or gummie form. You can find out more about it at http://www.getjp.com
    I hope this helps

  • nikki c

    chopped into spag bog, stews, veg soup, veg pizza, puree load of veg and put with tins of tomato as sauce for pasta etc.
    just few ideas there

  • laura k

    just stick to salads and put ceaser sauce on them. And stick with simple fruits you can eat for a snack, like apples, bananas, strawberries and grapes

  • happihawkeye

    Stir fry. Throw it all in together with some chicken.

    Eat carrots raw, great as a snack.

    Make your own fruit salad.

    I find it really hard to get my 5 a day.

    Good luck.

  • asimina

    –Here are some tips to Get More Fruit and Veg!

    * Slice fruit or sprinkle a tablespoon of dried fruit on to breakfast cereal or have a glass of pure juice with breakfast.

    * Go continental and start your main meals with a salad.

    * Everytime you have a meal make sure some fruit and/or veg is part of it (aim to make them part of snacks too).

    * Add extra vegetables to casseroles, soups, curries and pasta sauces.

    * Keep some fruit in the car, in your bag or the desk at work, ready for a convenient, naturally packaged snack

    * Top frozen or chilled pizza with extra sliced vegetables before cooking and serve with a green salad.

    * Fill around half your plate with salad or vegetables – enjoy different tastes, colours and textures.

    * Don’t forget canned vegetables and fruit in juice count towards the 5 a day.

    * Indulge in an exotic tropical fresh fruit salad – you won’t need any cream.

    * Serve vegetable sticks with dips, in packed lunches and as anytime snacks.

    –Good Luck !!

  • edybear

    Start the day with a large glass of juice..orange, cranberry, pineapple..anything!! have a banana or an apple mid morning..theres 2 already!!
    soups are great for sticking veg in…tomato soup is very good for you and counts for one of your 5 a day…when you eat dinner simple things like a portion of peas…carrots…green beans…sweetcorn etc are one portion too. have 2 portions with dinner..its easier than you think! puree turnips or swede with carrots…stirfry green beans with a little chilli powder or some ginger to make them more exciting! cabbage with a little bacon mixed in is great..you hardly know your eating cabbage at all!
    and dont forget spuds dont count…

  • OwddaMaRoom

    stir fry em, use wok oil, onions and a bit of garlic

  • kitimono

    sallad dressing, peanut butter, try cellery sticks wit both of those its great, you can mix vegetables with rice, its not that bad, broccoli with cheese, strawberries and peaches, pears, and sweet fruids are good, try a fruit and yogurt parfait, some fruit with yogurt and almonds or your favorite kind of nut, its not all that bad. hope it helps

  • kezza

    Fresh juice for breakfast, soup for lunch. Try warmed pitta bread with ripped up salad, tomato, a nice dressing and feta cheese or tuna. Tinned tomatoes on toast with salt and black pepper make a tasty snack, banana on toast with honey dribbled over it is yummy. How about tuna mayonnaise with sweetcorn or chopped onion mixed in? Brie and grapes on crackers – mmmm! Little cherry tomatoes are so sweet, you can eat them like sweets. Fruit smoothies are great and because they contain the whole fruit, they’re really good for you. Have vegetable, rather than creamy, sauces with pasta. Put pineapple on your pizza and fresh OJ in your vodka – every little counts!

  • justanotherengine

    I was the same way, now I use fresh veggy’s at every meal, fruit for dessert, I just boil them quickly and add "Olive oil’garlic, and fresh lemon wedge, sometimes some fresh grated romano cheese on top. WOW what a difference, my face cleared up, I got that "Sparkle" back in my eyes.

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