Know a natural remedy for a bacterial infection for a bird?

My bird is having watery droppings for over a week. I think she may have a bacterial infection. I started putting vitamins in her water before her dropping changed. I recently read that vitamins in the water can cause bacterial infections which will cause watery droppings. The vet will cost a lot & I’m scard of what they may give her. Is there a natural remedy I can use instead?

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  • SkepDoc 2.0

    I`m not a vet, but the most likely thing is that it is having runnier poops because of the vitamin drops.

    I don`t know why you think this is a bacterial infection.
    I used to have a neighbour who had a lot of different birds, several parrots and she bred finches as well. Birds aren`t mammals, and their physiology is quite different. If the droppings don`t get normal after stopping the vitamins, then I really think you should see a vet who knows something about birds….or ask this in the pet room, as lots of bird owners may have some thoughts on this.

    One of the responsibilities of looking after a pet, is getting them proper health care. If you can`t afford to pay for a vet, or are `scared“ at what they will suggest…maybe you shouldn`t be a pet owner.

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