How can I get more fruit and Veg into my meals?

Hi, i dont like most fruit and i dont like most veg, sometimes ill when i feel like eating vegetables ill eat them but other times i dont. As im going into the new year i want to change my eating habits for the better. But i know fruit and veg play an important part in this. I dont mind vegetables mixed in with meals but i dont like them on there own.
If anyone has any ideas on how to get them into my diet, and recipes or suggestions welcome. ?


  • jeromeaugusta

    Try drinking V8 or V8 Splash(I like this better). It contains a lot of vitamins. Also have some salads if you like those, you can put fruit in them too and have a dressing you like to cover some of the taste. You can also take Juice Plus supplements, they contain whole foods either in a pill form or "gummy candy" form. They are easy to take and have a lot of nutrients in them.

  • Carrot Cruncher

    Try taking them in the form of a juice or drink with your meals

  • Eric D

    I’m doing the same thing. I found that I can eat celery with peanut butter on them. I actually like apples, so I just eat a lot of those. Also, a glass of juice counts as a serving as fruit, so you can also go that route. I’ve also heard that some people like carrots with peanut butter.

  • Try to get your hands on Annabels Cookbook for children, some delicious and easy recepies with alterantives as well. Bon apetit

  • Paul K

    Eat more Chinese style food.

  • omariangel2000

    Try putting them into your fav. smoothies, you can barely even taste them and your still getting the protein you need.

  • ALAN R

    Start making your own sauces… eg if you like Spaghetti Bolognese, then make your own sauce from fresh, using tinned tomatoes, fresh onion, and add some small cubes of carrot…

    If you cant make your own sauces for whatever reason, then adding small diced veg to a pre made sauce will be better than nothing, but fresh saucs will also reduce the amount of fat and salt you eat too

  • horse lover

    Try making rules like, no leaving the table unless you finish all of your meal. or no dessert until you finish the main course. try and get your whole family to do it too. you might feel better if a whole group of people were doing it with you.

  • lisa h

    I found a great way to get my daughter to eat fruit/veg & that was by juicing them as a drink, you could also try smoothies too by adding crushed ice, yoghurt, ice cream to the fruit.
    I think you’d see a vast improvement in your energy levels, skin & general wellbeing.
    The best time to buy a juicer/blender is in the January sales & you can find some great books or recipes on the internet to try.
    You could try recipies to give you an energy boost, fight off colds, boost your immune system etc…
    Another way she now eats her veg is by eating raw carrots, peppers, by dipping them in sour cream & chive dip – she loves them.
    She now eats a mixture of fruit for breakfast with yoghurt poured over the top.

  • munchkin

    make smoothies you can mix fruit and veg some sound horrible but taste great there quick and easy to make.or juice and add the pulp to pasta sauces etc then your get all the nutrients you need

  • merciasounds

    Well juicing would be a start, and how about soup? Nothing more warming and nourishing than a bowl of hot soup. Chop up any veg you do fancy, put in a pan and cook harder veg first, eg potatoes or carrots, then add softer veg, like peppers or mushrooms, add stock (cubes and water will do fine) and then whizz up in a blender, add herbs, garlic, chilli sauce, tomato puree etc – you can add pasta shapes, rice, pulses like split peas or lentils, spices, until you find a combination you like! Add a sworl of cream or grated cheese to serve.
    Stews and casseroles are good for ‘mixing in’ veg, as are curries.
    i suggest you go to the library or look on-line for vegetarian recipies – there’s bound to be something that takes your fancy – good luck – Oh, and i got my 13 year old cousin, who would only eat chips and baked beans veg wise, he now eats everything except spinach and sqaush!

  • lynne s

    easy, make yourself some soup, and make smoothies. you can find lots of recipes on bbc

  • chelsea rule

    put them in its easy

  • joyhope18

    Add extra veg into soups and stews ,
    smoothies are a great way to get more fruit into your diet
    snack on your favourite fruits and vegetables,
    try fruits and veg that you don’t normally eat, you might like them
    as you change your lifestyle for the better you will grow used to eating more fruit and veg

  • Emma S

    Im not a fruit fan, but I keep a full fruit bowl of stuff thats easy to eat, apples, satsumas, grapes, bananas etc. I will eat it if its there.

    I also try and buy more unusual fruit like blueberries, melon, raspberries, pomegranates, pineapple, figs, passion fruit etc. I then have these for dessert. Sometimes with a drizzle of honey or with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

    As for veg. Some people find that they like raw veg rather than cooked, so try carrots, cucumber, cherry tomatoes etc.

    Try mixing veg in with your meals, so if you make something with mince, try adding grated carrot to it – it really works.

    Make curry and add spinach, potato, or mushrooms to the meat – fills it up and sneaks the veg in.

    Try making veg soups – blend it all up.

    Try more unusual veg, butternut squash, asparagus, fennel, etc, or do something different with veg that you already know – like braise leeks in wine in the oven, or cook celery or even lettuce.

    Sometimes its a case of finding foods that you do like. Many people find they like these things when they find a different way to cook it!

  • Bambi :]

    Juicy Juice = 100% juice! :]

    *counts as a serving of fruit!*

  • mary g

    If you like mashed potato add other mashed root vegetables like carrot and parsnip -delicious
    "champ" is mashed potato with chopped spring onions and its a lovely treat

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