Herbal or Natural Remedies for an Upset Stomach?

I’ve had an upset stomach for the last few days. It has felt like indegestion, then it starts to feel like simple pain bot accompanied with nasuea. I’ve been doing the whole pepto bismal and tums treatment, but it hasn’t helped. Does anyone have an rememdies that doesn’t include these medicines. I really would prefer some natural remedies or even different teas to try. Thanks!


  • naturemama6

    First, make sure you are not pregnant. No, I’m not kidding!
    We don’t want to hurt any babies here.
    Ginger is a specific for nausea and heartburn. Grated ginger
    root, steeped for five minutes in boiling hot water, cooled and
    drink. Or, mint; peppermint is best, followed by spearmint,
    chocolate mint. Steep the same in a tea.
    Limit your intake of sugars, spicy food, acidic food. And if the
    pain continues, please see your doctor. You may have an
    ulcer. which could cause these symptoms.
    Good luck and better health to you.

  • kevin s

    Mint or catnip tea works real good.

  • Tarkarri

    Try peppermint tea.

    Ginger is also good for nausea, either as a tea (lemongrass and ginger is good), as crystalised ginger, or as Dry Ginger Ale.

  • chamomile tea will help try to drink it warm and without sugar

  • Ryan White

    Peppermint tea would be my first preference for any small stomach/digestion related issues. It could be caused by acidity as well so something like barely grass could also be helpful.

  • benlopez4pride

    for upset stomach,u can try any of these:

    apple cider vinegar
    enteric coated peppermind gel
    ginger oil
    fennel oil

    i think u have visited your doctor, and now u want some natural supplement that can help

    i suggest u can start with dgl licorice, u can buy this online and is very inexpensive
    it is traditionally used and clinical studies proves its effectiveness
    i personally take this together with peppermint oil for my upset stomach, but each of us is different from one another, so no one can tell which will help u unless u try it yourself

  • I would suggest peppermint tea (decaf) but this sounds as though you should see your doctor.

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