• ferrolbible

    I am an alternative medicinal therapist and have to treat a lot of my patients who have bowel problems, if you go to your local health shop there are many types of colon cleaners, I recommend LEPRICOL

    G Jones(BSYA)

  • Super Colon Blow Cereal. Best stuff for cleaning out your colon.

  • crmflava

    I am currently using Dr Natura’s Colonix program which is a three step program: 1: Anti Parasite called Paranil
    2: Colonix Fiber power (Chief ingredient is Pysllium Husk)
    3: Kleri Tea (Chamomile, Milk Thistle, etc).

    I feel this is one of the best cleansing systems out there because not only does it cleanse your colon, but also removes parasites and bad bacteria from your system, and cleanses your liver, kidneys, and blood in the process. Better than just any cereal. When you do an initial cleanse, you should do it for a least two to three months, then once a year thereafter. You would be amazed a the difference it makes healthwise.

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