Anyone with thyroid disease… Were you having trouble getting pregnant before you found out?

I have been married for 6 years and no babies. I just found out that I have thyroid disease 4 months ago and that it causes infertility. I have been taking medicene for it. Did anyone get pregnant after they had been on the medicene for a while? How long?


  • Halle

    Thyroid disease is interrelated with women’s hormones, and can have an impact on menstrual cycles, fertility, estrogen/progesterone levels, successful pregnancy and/or miscarriage, the ability to breastfeed and menopause. Thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon will help you learn about the connections to hormonal symptoms and conditions, and how to successfully become pregnant and breastfeed with a thyroid condition. Please go to

  • Trublood

    I truly hope you never bring a baby into this world, if you do get pregnant, I will pray to JHHGFJ> that it is a miscarriage.

  • a jerk

    im having trouble getting pregnant

  • =^.^=

    I found out I had it after I had my first and I have been on medicine for a year now and I am pregnant again. But everyone is different. I only take 50 mg

  • my daughter found out she has thryoid diseas 3 years ago. she still hasn’t conceived. sorry.

  • jojoB

    I had a thyroid disease didnt even know it until I got pregnant. Then the clinic noticed it. Its different for everyone sorry wish I could help more.

  • NutstersChick

    Good god hasn’t everyone got their horrid heads on today.

    Better to ask your doctor all the questions or someone else equally qualified.
    The answers you’ll get here probley won’t be helpful.
    But I’ll attach a web address & hope it may help give you a starting point. It’s for the UK, hope that’s ok.

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