About cholesterol LDL and HDL?

How do we convert cholesterol LDL and HDL from American standards(one hundred blah) to English standards?



  • Lee T

    I don’t know how to convert per say, but I can provide this information. In the US the most common form of measurement for cholesterol levels is as follows:

    * Desirable = less than 200 mg/dL
    * Borderline-high risk = 200–239 mg/dL
    * High risk = 240 mg/dL and over

    Another way of measuring the recommended levels for people with heart disease is in mmol/L as shown below. This form of measurement is used in many countries outside the US.

    Recommended levels
    Total cholesterol – 4.5 or less
    LDL cholesterol – 2.5 or less
    HDL cholesterol – 0.9 or more
    Trigylcerides – 2.0 or more
    Ratio – 4.0 or less

    The ratio is your total cholesterol over HDL. So, for example, if your total was 4.5 and your HDL was 1.6, your ratio would be 2.8.

    Hope this helps.

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