what will a bit of y food colouring plus water do to my hair?

will it go blonde!!???


  • Jean f

    Lemon juice and being out in the sun will slowly and safely turn you blonde. It is also cheap…

  • It’ll make a mess! I tried Kool-Aid when I was 15 and it was yucky!

  • sour_apple2010

    i wouldnt try that… it most likely wouldnt work. if u want ur hair blonde i would suggest to dye it that color… or u can try the 24-hr stuff 1st 2 c if u like it.

  • Ken B

    Probably wash out. I dyed my hair for Superbowl 40 (big Seahawks fan) and it washed out immediately.

  • sushimaven1

    no it won’t go blond. it’ll wash out

  • Mutya P

    For sure, the color of your hair will be golden coz lots of ants will be attracted to your idea of coloring your hair with food coloring! But then, there is no harm it trying. Try it then 🙂

  • The Shopaholic

    No it wont go blonde.

    Food colouring????? you sound cheap!!!!!

    Get some proper HAIR dye!!!!

  • curious_boy

    no….it will go darker depending on the colour of the food colouring

  • Are you serious?

  • Dunno but here’s a useful tip for you:

    I took a bath in Radox (the green stress relief one, I think it was, it was definitely green anyway) and the Radox dyed the lightest bleached blonde parts of my hair pale green! Lovely!

    So I went to my hairdresser and asked her advice on what to get it out with. The answer: Ketchup (Heinz, naturally)!

    So I put ketchup on my hair, left it on for 30 mins, rinsed it out, washed and conditioned and blew dry as normal, and hey presto, it worked!!

    Who’d’ve thunk it (and which nutter discovered this???) eh?

  • Una SCA

    Food color plus water = nothing unless your hair is blond.
    You can try kool-aid. You should read up on it on the web first. I have done it using a pan of very very very hot water to make it permanent.

  • i wouldnt mess to find out doesnt sound a good thing..

  • Answer Queen

    There is no "blonde" food colour only orange or yellow! If your hair is very dry or pourous using a food colour main slightly stain the dry bits but will wash out. Although there are many home use blonders I would suggest if you are any darker than dark blonde you get a professional hairdresser to change your hair colour as I have had to do a correctional colour on many a home colourist in tears. We know how to achieve the colour you want and it will last longer and we can help when the roots start to show again! Do not use lemon as this will dry your hair out and please do not use spray in lighteners such as" Sun In "as these contain metallics that can cause a reaction when used with other hair colours.

  • tinkie

    blonde???? are you seriouss????
    buy some hair dye

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