Best way to lose weight?

I have a thyroid condition and just can’t seem to lose weight. I am very fat and its so embarassing, i’ve lost loads of friends because I’m embarassed to go out shopping with them etc


  • bethanycassie

    Not sure if I have a thyroid condition…but I am very overweight with asthma and a tear in my right knee. Walking is key. Recently I have discovered that whenever I’m out walking I feel a lot better then when I do sitting at home. And even though my asthma gets really bad since it’s getting colder out, I just come home and use my breathing machine and then I usually feel A LOT better.

    I am the same when going out shopping. Especially if it’s clothes shopping. The other day I went into Victoria’s Secret, yeah, Victoria’s secret with my brother’s girlfriend. She shopped and I tagged along. It was better for me because I didn’t have the worry on my shoulders if something was going to fit or not.

    I would suggest doing stuff that you love. In my case, I like dancing, especially to Cascada. I also like riding my bike and lately I’ve been playing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) DDR takes your mind off of the whole losing weight thing. You just listen to awesome music while moving. I try to do things in my house as much as possible because I often hate going outside and having some nut job say something stupid to me.

    All I have to say is to BE STRONG. You need to reach within yourself and find that power and motivation that will push you over that damn finish line. You need to believe in yourself, believe that you will do something. Make little goals for yourself. For me, whenever I was walking I would come up with little goals in my head. Like, one more house and then I take a break, or two more houses and then take a break.

    If you’re going to be doing anything with music, which is more then likely, instead of counting minutes count songs. Make a song goal for yourself. You will do 5 songs today and then maybe a week or so from now make it 7-10. You need to cut out soda and any other big calorie drink. Soda is the worst. seriously. I used to drink soda all the time and don’t get me wrong, I still like to have my pepsi every now and then, but you don’t want to have a FULL stock of soda in your fridge. I suggest water and if you don’t like water then maybe yummy iced tea or they even have those, oh darn what are they called, those little uhhh, crystal lite packets! Put those in water and WHOA tasty!

    You should also count to 30 on each bite you take. Slow chewing will make you feel full faster. Get 8 or so hours of sleep and just have fun.

    Losing weight shouldn’t have to be such a burden. You need to mix it up with the things you love to do. And if by a chance you don’t like to do anything active related then invite over a friend or family member and dance with them. I know it may sound a little corny but friend/family support is important. 🙂

    You could even email me if you have any problems/questions. I encourage it. I’ll be that shoulder for you. ^____^;
    Good Luck!!!!!

  • Exercise more and more.When you go shopping, forget all about your weight.Don’t be self conscious.
    Hope I helped you

  • JackoJ

    Your asking the age old question, you may as well ask for the meaning of life. There is a million dollar industry out there telling you all sorts of bunkum.
    3 balanced meals a day and exercise. Your body stores fat when you stop eating to keep you alive, when you eat again you add to the stored fat your body saved to keep you alive. If you eat well and exercise, your body works as it should, the saying ‘you are what you eat’ is the truest saying there is, if you put junk in your mouth you will turn in to junk, (a food junkie) I know it’s easy for me to say but what other peole think should not bother you, they are not friends in the first place if that’s the reason they don’t bother with you. If it is a medical problem then your GP will be able to help, my friend saw a GP and he has helped because it was a medical problem not self indulgence.
    Hope this helps.

  • will_bongkalao

    think and solve and exercise. I believe thinking about something always can consume much of your energy thus this make you not to continually grow fat as well fitter and mixed this up with daily exercise like walking or jog. if your going out use the best clothes you have that fits to your body to forget about phisical problems. the fastest way lipo-suction.

  • Marry M

    if you really want to lose your weight.don’t worry.exercise daily with some hard workouts and drink fresh juices.for more info visit the below website.

  • sahib t

    If you have thyroid problem, no amount of exercise or diet will help. Get your blood tested for thyroid & consult your doctor to get it rectified. Once thyroid problem is rectified, you will start loosing weight by exercise & proper diet.

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