Are women getting the health care they need?

Hey guys, I’m doing a little Women’s Health survey and have a few questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Please include your age and gender. Thanks!

1. Do you think that race, gender, or even age makes a difference in the health care an individual receives?

2. What do you think are the most important issues today in regards to women’s health?

3. Do you think there are any issues that are often overlooked or deserve more attention?

4. (For the women) Have you ever had a male physician? Has this made you uncomfortable discussing/ bringing up certain issues?

5. Do you believe that women’s health has improved to the the degree it should have over the past 25 years?

6. What kind of boundaries do women face in regards to getting the right care?

7. Are annual screenings utilized to the extent that they should be?

8. What kind of changes in health routines do you think individuals experience because of a family? Does having a family change whether or not you utilize health services? Attend annual appointments/ screenings?

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  • Akami

    All these questions require and essay so I am not sure why you have posted them like this. They sound like a homework assignment.

    1. Yes, it does. So does economic status and educational status.

    2. Preventative health care, care during pregnancy, child birth care, senior care.

    3. Women who say they are tired are often ignored or just passed off, instead of having the symptom truly investigated. Thyroid problems particularly are often overlooked.

    4. Yes. No, it has not made me uncomfortable. But I am from a generation where male physicians were the norm.

    5. In some cases, yes. For example, in Canada it certainly has because health care is available to all women – all they have to do is ask for it. However, in the US poor women do not access the health care they need.

    6. I don’t know what that question means.

    7. No, of course not, in a country where they are not covered under a government health care plan. They are much better utilized in a country such as Canada.

    8. Families access health care services if they can afford it.

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