Acai Berry with Colon Cleanse?

I want to try the Acai Berry with Colon Cleanse for weight loss. I was wondering if someone has tried it, what there results where, and where they bought it? I don’t know which companies to trust! So has anyone used it successfully with no problems with the company?
Please give links to the companies website.


  • It is the useless berry and a laxative.
    Never buy online, google acai and scam.
    If you must try it go to a health food store or Walmart.

    We, and our colons are self cleansing. A study of the living human anatomy reveals that the colon is at no time dirty or clogged. Colon cleansing is known to disrupt the balance between natural enzymes and bacteria in the digestive tract.

    Anyone interested in detoxifying their body might think about paying a little more attention to their body and less attention to the people trying to get their money. The body already has nature’s most effective detoxification system. It’s called the liver. The liver changes the chemical structure of foreign compounds so they can be filtered out of the blood by the kidneys, which then excrete them in the urine.

  • marilyn

    Cleanses do not do anything. You know why? Because your body cleanses itself.

    If you want to lose weight, just do it and don’t bother taking any of those stupid products. Acai berry is no more of a "superfood" than a blueberry, so ignore any kind of advertising for how great it is (actually, if you look at the ingredients for acai berry products, a lot of the time there is more blueberry than acai berry).

    You know what cleans your colon? Vegetables.

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