When juice fasting for a week, then one day full fasting (no water or juice), would one meal break the fast?


  • abefromanskc

    Yes, and what do you mean by meal? You do NOT want to just eat a meal. You should break the fast over the course of a day or two at least. Start off eating whole fruit (and no bananas) and see if your stomach does OK. 24 hours or one bowel movement later you can try simple grains – I like to use dry Cheerios (I know that thery’re highly processed, but they are what is easiest on my stomach). If after another day passes and your still doing fine, you can start eating regular food, but realize that your stomach and colon have shrunk and you need to eat small portions for a day or two. If you had just one meal, then you are going to have cramps and probably constipation in the form of a HARD and solid plug that no enema will reach!

    Plus I don’t know what kind of fast you are on, but ALWAYS DRINK WATER!!!!!!!!

  • Fuseek


  • Vansta Dumoore

    Yes… but if you feel dizzy, I recommend at least drinking water… It’s better to be healthy and alive then faint or push starvation, yes?

  • Smoothcat

    The definition of a fast is not eating, sometimes not drinking. Normally you fast so that your digestive track has a chance to rest. Also, it gives it a chance to clean itself out. Sorry, but I’m pretty sure the answer is yes here a meal would break your fast.

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