statin and cholesterol?

I been on Crescor, and my cholesterol is 169, but my ldl is high and triyclide are higher. My hdl went down from 70 to 42? I don’t understand. The statin only lowered my good cholesterol. Why?



    It would be better if you had mentioned your LDL cholesterol & Triglyceride level.

    However, Your total blood cholesterol level is good. Your HDL cholesterol is not bad though it should rise a bit higher.

    All I can suggest you is regular heavy exercise and foods which will increase your HDL cholesterol level. Consult your doctor to know whether your are taking overdose of crestor.

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  • Marie M

    That is strange. I am not sure why that would happen for you. But here is a tip that might help you:
    A miracle food for lowering cholesterol is walnuts. Dont know WHY it helps, but it does. I recommend it to all my patients who are suffering from high LDL’s

  • rustoria617

    I saw an ad in the paper today for a drug that you take with the statin that is suppose to lower triglyceride and raise hdl. Don’t remember the name, but I’m sure your doc will know it.

  • dog expert

    that’s odd what you need to do is ask your doctor if he or she thinks there are any underlining causes or go to a cardiologist for a more extensive cardiac exam such as a EKG (echo-cardiogram)

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