Sorry….a constipation plus other symptoms question (possible TMI)?


My last period was peculiar for starters and only lasted for 2 days (started with brown spotting which I never get). I also got incredibly bloated at this time and felt achy and painful all around my abdomen and lower back. The week following my period I had light aching in my abdomen on and off, mainly every morning. The following weekend I had diarrhea in the morning of Saturday and I have been severely bunged up ever since. It got so bad last night that I was in real discomfort and my stomach was protruding. I took some chocolate laxative to relieve the pressure that I was feeling and went to bad, only to wake at 3am to throw up. Today, my stomach feels very tender (not surprisingly because I threw up 4 times in the night), and my abdomen and back still aches even though I have got rid of the immediate "blockage" this morning.

My symptoms are:

extreme fatigue
abdominal bloating and aches
back ache
nausea and one-off sickness

Does anyone else suffer from anything like this? How can I relieve the pressure and pain? Could I have IBS or something like that?


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