Should I get a colon cleanse kit- please answer?

I’ve been considering a colon cleanse– an at home kit. I have terrible persisting constipation, gas ad bloating after every meal. I am allergic to gluten and don’t get enough fiber- but I’ve started taking supplements. But I have a feeling that things are still "blocked up". Should I try a cleasne?
any suggestions about what kit?


  • Vital Force

    I believe the Colonix colon cleanse at is a super home colon cleanse program. I used this colon cleanse program with life changing results

    It will definitely improve the health of your colon. After the colon cleanse, do all you can to enhance the health of you colon function through friendly bacteria rich foods, good fiber, living foods, plenty of water and excercise and the good oils – stay away from the hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated processed oils.

    Also stay away from the processed foods and white flour foods that cause constipation problems.


  • ici_15

    You can try to use this technique and see if it will work. Make sure you are not allergic to any of its contents first though. This may sound gross, but I usually just drink pickle juice and it helps clean me out.

  • JasminC

    those type of things are a good way to go if you don’t think things aren’t flowing as they should be…it runs things right out of you, i would do it in your situation

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