Natural healing–information and product advice?

I’m interested in learning more about natural remedies and healing. If anyone knows of any books that would provide useful information that they have personal experience with, I’m interested!!

I’m also looking into where to buy natural products–oils, herbs, etc., to go along with the information provided in the books. I live in a small town, so reliable internet sites are a good option, as well as any other stores anyone knows about that I might be able to find.

Thanks for your help!


  • Duncan M

    The top health books that has had the most impact on me and has changed my life are, The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, Both of Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures books, Matrix Energetics by Richard Barlett, all of Dr. Schulzes books, and How long do you choose to live by Peter Ragnar.

    I trust my life with these products and information, that’s how powerful it is.

    Happy Journey’s.

  • naturalhealth123

    There are lots of good resources out there (and some not so good ones) which provide individuals with natural remedies. The Green Pharmacy by James Duke (generally considered America’s best herbalist), and Prescription for Natural Healing by James Balch are good sources to start with.

    If you aren’t experienced in the use of herbs or nutritional supplements, its important to remember that just because they are "over the counter" does not make them safe for everyone. It’s best to consult with an experienced natural health practitioner such as an acupuncturist, chiropractor, naturopath or homeopath. You can also check with your pharmacist.

  • I have written a page at the following link on my experience with natural remedies and healing with a naturopath. There is also a link on that page that shows naturopaths near your zip code.

  • Aaron M

    I used to work in an herbal / vitamin supplement store while I was in college. The herbs and vitamins for the most part are generally of low quality. Meaning the herbs have been over processed to maintain freshness (weakening their strength), the minerals are not usually multi keylated (low absorption) and often mixed together with the wrong minerals, and the vitamins are of low quality.

    Here are some tips to know when buying the products. First of all be aware that some herbs are over harvested and in serious decline in their habitat (like black cohosh). Its better to buy farm raised herbs not wild, but these herbs lack compared to the wild grown. Tinctured fresh herbs are strongest and most easily absorbed. Dried herbs are the weakest and usually the cheapest. Look into local medicinal plant books in your area and learn how to make your own tinctures. I’ve cured arthritis, bleeding ulcers, tendonitis, high blood pressure, excessive menstrual cramps, urinary inflammation/infection, through wild herbs.

    Minerals that are multi keylated and in liquid form are most easily absorbed. ie we cannot go out and start chewing on some copper to get copper; we need to absorb copper through an edible plant that has lots of copper in it. The more plants that a mineral is keylated with the higher chance of absorption. Also, little known fact here; Zinc does not absorb well with other minerals at the same time. Take Zinc separately from other minerals.

    Liquid vitamins are usually the best and or pharmaceutical grade.

    With this all in mind you can start researching the natural remedies.

    Some of my favorite books,

    The Pill Book Guide to Natural Medicines; Michael Murray, ND
    The UnMedical Miracle Oxygen; Elizabeth Baker
    Oxygen Therapies; Ed McCabe
    Supplement Bible: Earl Mindell
    Vitamin Bible: Earl Mindell

    I hope this helps you get started.

    I noticed that Duncan mentioned Kevin Trudeau as a good source. Trudeau has been banned from infomercials because of a number of reasons, some fraudulent $ stuff and unfounded or misinformation in his books. Be aware of this.

  • Dee Dee

    After having some life changing experiences in myself and my family, I am a huge fan of Mannatech products which is based on providing the four core needs of the cells. A most excellent book is called "The Healing Power of 8 Sugars" – it is a compilation of the work of over 20 doctors. It is about glyconutrients. I got mine from Amazon.
    There are also some great videos on
    I order mst of my supplements from and we also get a lot of our healthier alternative products from – I order Jason’s brand toothpaste and deoderant from there. Did you know there are artificial sweeteners in your toothpaste? How about heavy metals for your body to absorb in your antiperspirant? Read the warning labels!
    I like Nordic Naturals for Omega fatty acids – they molecularly distill their fish oils to purify them.

  • Halema

    The book titled "Herbs of the Earth, A Self-Teaching Guide to Healing Remedies", by Mary Carse is an excellent resource. Chapter by chapter, you will learn about herbs, A-Z, and self test at the end of each chapter. The knowledge you gain is tremendous, along with appropriate warnings. You will learn how to make teas, tinctures, plasters and poultices, syrups, vinegars, herbal oils, along with HOW to use these products. The recommended dosage for infants, children and adults is listed in this book.

  • Zambiti

    My three favorite books:

    Honey, Garlic and Vinegar by Patrick Quillin (he has a website, just google his name)
    90-Day Immune System Makeover by Dr. Janet Maccaro (she was her first patient – great story and resource)
    The Great Physician’s Rx to Health and Wellness by Jordan Rubin (he too was his first patient)

    To purchase, I use (not affiliated, just good site, good service and good price) The rest of what I get is usually from a health food store or Frontier Cooperatives

    Online sites about herbs, probably our favorite form of natural healing:

    My favorite homeopath (sorry Soul D 😉 ) Cindee Gardner – Dr. Cindee works with Archeus Supply – link on her website. That is where I’ve gotten homeopathic remedies that weren’t last minute pick-ups at the health food store. I really like their service and quality.

    Check out the author’s I gave, they all have websites I believe. I’ve found there information to be very helpful and accurate.

    That should get you off to a nice start! Best health to you.

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