Liver and colon cleanse?

What do I need to take to cleanse my liver and colon. I read that milk thistle is good for the liver? Is that true? What about the colon? I ONLY want natural pills or vitamins.


  • katrina

    Best rule of thumb is to do a colon cleanse first…making sure the bowel is eliminating and moving normally…can do a gentle cleanse over a couple weeks or a more intense cleanse for about 5 days. I don’t recommend a liver cleanse until this is done, as when you are trying to eliminate toxins and the bowel is congested, toxins have no where to go and can get reabsorbed..thus making you feel sick or have an uncomfortable ‘healing crisis’ as they call it. Milk thistle supports and strengthens the liver..but is not a main ‘cleanse’ for the liver. Other herbs work for that. Feel free to email or check out my site…or find something similar in a health food store near you

  • PhilinNWfla

    There are no natural pills, they are all man made. Stop watching late night TV ads with all their cures that doctors won’t tell you about. You colon and every other colon in the world, be it animal or human works fine without any additional help. Just eat a what they call a healthy diet, low in the fats and meats, high in the fruits, veggies and nuts, throw in a fish or two and you will be fine. If you are concerned about stuff needing cleansing in your colon have a colonoscopy and see what they find in there, which will be nothing, if it wasn’t working right you wouldn’t be in here asking questions.

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