Lemon juice for lightening hair?!?

Really want to lighten the tips of my hair! I have brown hair (like Nutella colour) and I really want to get the tips lighter/blondish! My parents won’t let me dye it because they think it will ruin my hair. So does lemon juice then going in the sun work? What will it turn out like? What do I have to do? How long does it take to come out? Will it turn ginger?

I am all for natural things too. I have long-ish curly hair! Basically typical surfer hair but naturally brown!


  • volleygirl

    Lemon juice is the main ingredient in alot of hair lightners that you can get at drug stores like ‘sun in’. you should apply lemon juice to where you want to lighten it and sit in the sun for about an hour. It’s not going to be as light as if you used a real dye ,but it should lighten it a bit. My friend did recently and it worked fe her. Doesn’t hurt for you to try it, it’s all natural. I recently dyed my tips blondish with a Shea and alvocado oil infused hair dye from garnie fruitice or how ever you spell it and it came with the packet of oil you put in the dye that made it soft afterwards and it makes it glossy and it’s very nice. Not very damaging at all. I was pleased ,but because my hair is practically black it took about 2 bottles to get it as light as I wanted it. It’s made to be "no bleach hair lightner" and it works on even the darkest of hair and it’s really good. It really is, I was so impressed at how well it worked without bleach. But if you can’t talk your parents into that you should defiantly use the lemon juice. Every ones hair is different , but it never hurts to try. Just remember after you put in the lemon juice APPLY HEAT, the best form of it would be THE SUN and that would work best. So go ahead and try it! It won’t turn you ginger, it will just lighten it to a lighter brown. You could just buy "sun in" spray though that’s actually meant for lightning and has no form of dye whats so ever, its basically just another hair spray , and natural plus kust as damaging as any other product you would normally use,but it lightens well and alot of beachy people use it.

  • Nadia

    Lemon dries your hair really bad and it takes a lot to get the hair lighter. Probably several weeks because you shouldn’t do it every day. If you really want to do it, I would recommend doing it 2-3 times a week staying in the sun max. 2-3 hours with spf cream on so you won’t burn.

  • Hamish

    Lemon juice is acidic so will deteriorate the pigment leaving the hair a lighter colour. It will not turn ginger but will most likely go a few shades lighter than the original colour.staying out in the sun is a different process but will have the same affect just not as affective.apply the lemon juice from a fresh cut lemon over the tips of hair until it is noticably wet. Leave for 2 hours and then wash out. This process does work but you can just buy shampoo & conditioner that will do a better job.
    Hope this helps

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