Is it ok to drink orange juice left on a counter for several hours?

What would happen if I took a bottle of orange juice out from the fridge then opened it, drank from it put the top back on then forgot about it and left it sitting on the table for several hours or even a couple of days? Would it be spoiled or is it ok to drink? I’m just curious (because I left my orange juice on a table and forgot about it}


  • Shellberry

    Smell it lol–you’ll be ok after a couple hours of it out..but days -if you drink it you’ll get the you can smell it when it is bad… it gets a orange left in the fruit bowl too long smell to it lol
    Good luck 🙂

  • For a couple of hours, no problem. As for several days l would suggest the sniff test…if it smells ok l would give it a sip. lt should be fine.

  • Kaitlyn

    yeah its ok , just dont leave it out for several days

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