Health Clinic?

So I haven’t been to the doctor in a while….last time I was probably like 16, and I’m 19 now…I haven’t been because my health insurance dropped when I turned 18….and of course its very expensive, but my friends are telling me I should go to the health clinic because you pay like 60 bucks up front and get a regular checkup. I want to do this….but exactly how much will it be?


  • Brutally Honest

    The costs will vary from state to state and situation to situation. Many of the public health clinics work on a sliding-scale so you pay what you can afford, based upon your income.

    You will just have to either call your local branch or make an appointment. Most likely you’ll have to fill out an expense report to see if you qualify and for how much.

  • racer 51

    it’s different for every county. call your local health dept. yo find out

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