• Diabetes and hypothyroid (or any thyroid problems) are two separate conditions and are not necessarily partnered together. However, it is not unusual for someone with diabetes to also have a thyroid condition (and/or hypertension). But having one doesn’t automatically mean you have or are going to have the other. My mom, who is now 86, has been hypothyroid for 20 years but she isn’t diabetic. Dad was diabetic but his thyroid was healthy. My sister has hypothyroid and no diabetes. I’ve got both. My brother has both. Another brother and another sister has neither. Most of my aunts in my mom’s family have hypothyroid, as did her mom (my grandmom). So, no, diabetes and hypothyroid do not always go hand-in-hand.

  • livestrong2be

    No, but the symptoms can contribute to diabetes I am assuming.
    I have hypothyroidism as well! But I only have few symptoms. My metabolsim, weight, hair and skin are normal.

  • Nana Lamb

    Most people who have a thyroid problem also develop diabetes. and vice versa! any endocrine problem usually leads into another and another!

    Some of us are lucky and only have one endocrine problem!

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