Could this be a thyroid ?

I have a huge lump in my neck. My mom said it could be a thyroid… Should I go to the hospital or wait until my appointment with the endocrinologist in October ? It’s very visible. Thyroids run in my family and my mother also has Graves’ disease. What will the hospital do for me ? I’m hearing it could be life or death. I’m really concerned . I have a 1 year old daughter. Let me know if you would like pictures and ill send it through email.


  • Nana Lamb

    lump could well be a thyroid condition. Goiter is the name of a protruding inflamed thyroid gland. It is prevented by using IODIZED SALT in your diet.

    You can safely wait for your appointment. this will not kill you. Just wear high necked or high collared blouse or shirt to cover this up until you can get it resolved.

  • Land Shark

    Thyroid disease may have produced a Goitre low down in your neck. If if has been changing recently go and see your doctor this week.
    Here’s a link with some info that may help you decide.

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