Why has my asthma suddenly got worse?

I’ve had asthma since childhood, I’m now 33 and it’s started deteriorating. Is this common? I’m otherwise helathy, haven’t changed my diet, don’t smoke…

Seen GP who re-prescribed me a steroid (he stopped giving them to me when I was about 15 as it was under control) so I’m confused.

Any ideas / alternatives to pumping me full of steroids which usually gave me throat infections (yes I do the rinse mouth with water afterwards.)


  • flunkywoman

    Increased levels of air pollutants

  • volchick2003

    Could be environmental changes, higher pollen count or smog.

  • salapan

    Pl. do Pranayama…It really helps….

  • dukalink6000

    Any kind of change in the weather patterns? More pollutants? More stress? (My mother-in-law had asthma and stress sometimes triggered an attack)

  • Could be problems exacerbated by hay fever, etc
    See if things improve when the summer is over.
    Do not panic too much as you will definitely feel considerably worse.

  • Terri

    Many things can exasberate it. You just need to find out what exasberated yours. Is it an allergy response? Is it stress? Is it your enviroment(air)? Have you gained a lot of weight?

  • Perhaps, you don’t take good care of yourself that much. Suggest you indulge yourself to any sport activities like walking, swimming, baseball and not physically sport activities.

  • helixburger

    Get a high quality air filtration system like the "Ionic Breeze." Get a water filter. Pets? Make sure there is no mold around you. Get a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

  • arfarf!!

    maybe cause of large air pollutants,maybe you do not know that you have other infections that affects your asthma problems.

  • anthonyjozefczyk

    if you have had wether like really hot and people cutting the grass then the polen you are brethng in will tighten up your chest you will get worse as you get older if u sefer badly but if you take regulry exsercise the that will help you email back for more info

  • Stephen M

    if you don’t want to use drugs look up something called Buteyko. It teaches you how to breathe correctly so you need inhaler less. I was a bit synical to begin with, but it actually works. I’m 21 and haven’t used my inhaler in 6 months despite needing it every day for the previous 19 years

  • LaLa G

    well id say its becuase there is alot of pollen in the air this year. prolly more than ever!

  • xargentinax

    more pollution?

  • poshpants69

    I have a friend who had asthma as a kid – got over it in his 20’s – it came back when he was in his late 50s. So, yeah – it happens.

  • Mrknowitall

    There might be some iritants in the environment you are living in now,that you are unaware of.Did you recently move,or go near a high dust concetration area,or something like that?
    Check the environment variables in the place u are staying now to make sure nothing has changed.

  • Miss. Anonymous

    Probably because of the weather and the air at your living area

  • KingRichard

    you have to find your triggering factor…which is certainly easier said than done…avoiding that will reduce your asthma frequency

    steroids are preventers, so there is no other way around it unless you can avoid the triggers, but even then it doesn’t mean that you are asthma-proof again

    just start back on the steroids: they are inhaled and low-dose without much effect, and get your asthma under control!!

  • wilderone74

    there could be many factors. your lungs could be deteriating due to the breathing disease, more air pollutants, etc. try breathing exercises, like lamaze to help increase your air intake and maybe expand your lungs out so they get expanded more. i hate taking steriods for my asthma, they just make me bloat up really bad. good luck, asthma does sometimes get worse in people as they get older. luckily since i had my son 5 yrs ago, my asthma has gotten better since. i’m so grateful for that. that’s the worst feeling in the world, when you can’t breath or catch your breath.

  • Midwestern Girl

    My children both have asthma and my son’s has gotten much better since he was around 4 or 5 when it was the worst. I asked the doctor if that meant he had "grown out of it." She has a boy with asthma also and said, that we will see it go through stages probably. She said when ever there are hormone changes taking place in the body we would probably see an increase (like during puberty and when a man is in his early to mid 30s.) Hope this helps.

    Also you may want to ask your doctor about some new steroids on the market. We have had tremendous luck with Asmanex.

    Also, my daughters asthma is very severe and she was taking many meds, which we didn’t like and we started looking for some alternatives. I took her to a chiropractor and this has helped her tremendously.

  • survivor

    More pollution from large industries. (not neccessarily even in your own area, can drift or be borne on the wind from a long way away, people in Britain were affected by the Chernobyl disaster!)
    I think stress can have an effect on it too. Has anything in your life changed lately? Or has anything happened that could trigger memories of past events? I know steroids are not good for anyone. Have you thought about going to see a naturopath? I saw one years ago when I had had leg pain for months and the doctors were stumped, although I didn’t believe in naturopaths, and to my surprise (and delight!) I was cured of my problem in a week after he gave me a diet sheet and told me what foods to avoid. It’s worth a try and you never know you might get cured!

  • lubylou911

    my brother has really bad asthma and uses his inhaeler all the time. the doctors don’t know why he has it so bad either. sorry

  • snowball666

    i would get the vac out dust mites pet hair don’t help and the warm weather they all don’t help

  • a_phantoms_rose

    YES! Please get an Ionic Breeze Ionizer from Sharper Image. No substitutes. I had been on allergy shots for 20 years and was still having bouts of asthma. When I got the Ionic Breeze, the allergens were gone in my home and so were my allergies.I was able to stop the shots and use Benedryl when needed!

    Also, ask your doctor if you might try taking a medicine called Bentyl. In the generic it’s not expensive. It is an involuntary muscle relaxant. It’s not commonly used to treat asthma, but it helps me. It sure beats those steroids!

    Let me know if you get the Ionic Breeze. My mother, sister and niece have one now too, as asthma and allergies run in my family.They are all helped by it. My email is delise@flash.net

  • lportil

    need to look at several things
    weight gain
    pollutants at work or home (pets, carpet, detergents, smoke etc)
    need to be tested for alpha 1 antitrypsine levels
    need to be tested for levels of IgE
    complete "CBC"
    need to be placed on an inhaled costicosteroid and or a long acting bronchodilator
    need to have a full set of "PFT’s"
    need to be referred to a pulmonologist

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