What is that the thyroid actually does?

I never fully understood my thyroid problems, though I was diagnosed at the age of seven when I was found to have "early development." Basically from the way the doctor had put it, she put me under the impression that I was growing faster than I should have been,and it wasn’t normal at my age, et cetera. But now, she has upped the dosage on my medication to one of those spiffy violet colored pills, about thirty milligrams higher than my old medication. She said my thyroid levels [after a blood workup] had been "…dangerously low." What does that mean? I am utterly confused, by what she means, and what this means to my health… What does the thyroid actually do; what did my doctor mean? Any help would be appreciated, and I welcome long explanatory answers divulging the thyroids inner (and outer) workings.
*What is it that the thyroid actually does?



  • mazngrace2k

    The thyroid is an endocrine gland. The endocrine system can be a mystery! But, it is oh, so important!

    Thyroid regulates metabolism and growth rate. Low thyroid levels could lead to slowed growth and weight gain.

    When my second son was in the hospital for open-heart surgery as an infant, some of the medications he was on caused his thyroid to shut down. He was put on Synthroid for a while. Thankfully, we were able to wean him from the Synthroid after a few months, but most people, once put on thyroid meds remain on thyroid meds for life.

    I’m sure you can find websites that are far more detailed that could help you understand your condition better. There may even be a support group or listserv for thyroid conditions. I have found listservs to have a wealth of information from people who have "been there and done that". My oldest son is type 1 diabetic, which is an endocrine disorder, because of that they do routinely check him for thyroid issues, also.

  • Mike S

    Sounds like you have a hypoactive thryoid and you’re on Synthroid, and artificial hormone intended to replace low levels of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). You need your thyroid, it helps maintain your metabolic rate among other things.

    Check this link out. Probably very helpful.

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