what is a natural remedy to use daily for constipation?

I have had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for years with constipation, gas and bloatness. I am tired of using over the counter products that I have to depend on. Ducolax I am using now but will I be home to use it? Am I going out tomorrow and will have a reaction? Sometimes it doesn’t work-now what should I do? Please help me!
I do not want to use anymore over the counter meds anymore-just naturally. I feel I eat enough fiber most days-I admit but, who does anyway?


  • Is it possible that you are lactose intolerant?? Lactose intolerance can rear it’s ugly head really at any stage of our lives and symptoms of it are belching and gassiness, ribbony shaped and pellet shaped stools, mucousy stools, constipation and digestive troubles such as bloating and cramping, headaches and moodiness and irritability, insomnia, w*et farting (sorry no other way to put it) ………. have you been eating more milk and dairy products lately?? Maybe this is the culprit. Try cutting out milk and dairy products for a few days and pump up your intake of other foods rich in calcium such as leafy and green vegies, sardines, salmon, tofu, dried beans, kale, broccolli and collard greens and also increase your intake of foods rich in vitamin D ie ~ salmon or tuna ……… or simply get 10 – 15 minutes of safe sun exposure daily (vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin) …. vitamin D is essential for the effective absorption of Calcium ………… this could be just the right remedy for you, as without enough calcium you will have plenty of digestive troubles, headaches and insomnia and also achy bones ………. if you are lactose intolerant and keep eating foods such as milk and dairy then you would be inhibiting your calcium absorption and also inhibiting absorption of other vital vitamins and minerals ……. try it buddy, you’ve got nothing to lose by ditching the milk and dairy and pumping up your intake of lactose free calcium and vitamin D rich foods or sunshine…… except of course all the tummy aches, gassiness and constipation….. ♥

    Don’t forget to drink loads of fresh filtered water and cut back on the sodas, soft drinks and coffee, tea and alcohol (if you drink any) as all these will dehydrate you terribly and rob you of your precious B complex of vitamins too…….. also, take a multi B complex supplement too to bolster a healthy neural, digestive and immune sytstem ♥ Ensure you get a B complex that includes all the B’s ie ~ B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12, folate etc…. as they all work best as a group♥

    In the mean time diet can both prevent and cure constipation so eat more foods rich in magnesium as magnesium will increase the production of hydrochloric acid in your tummy and thus aid in digestion….. the more fibre in your diet from fruits, vegies, legumes and whole grains, the softer and the larger the amount of feces will be passed.

    Magnesium is needed in the human body for helathy nerves and muscle functioning and for heart health. Magnesium rich foods will aide in eliminating constipation problems for you.

    Eat more foods rich in this wonderfull little mineral ie: leafy and green vegies, nuts and seeds, wholegrain breads and cereals and cold water fishes such as tuna, salmon, sardines and whiting.

    Magnesium is also known as the antistress mineral and will help you deal with stressy situations better.

    Also, eat more foods rich in Vitamin C as vitamin C is a natural laxative ie: oranges, lemons and limes, leafy and green vegies, tomatoes, potatoes and red and green capsicums. Vitamin C rich foods will also bolster your immune system and help in lowering blood pressure.

    hope i helped a bit mate ♥


  • Ryan S

    bacon greese, oranges, and juces work best!!! try that for a day and see how it works, oh, and dont eat the bacon itself, that’ll block you up even more! lol

  • Truth

    Get some good quality of fish oil like "Nordic naturals" the best.
    Eat allot of fiber, fresh vegetables and fruit.
    Get some Pro Biotic like "Dr Ohhira’s Probiotics +12 also the best in the world.
    I bet you took some antibiotics that started this whole problem.
    These thing can be found on line and it wont hurt a thing to go over the recommended dosage for a couple of weeks then back off to normal dosage for maybe a month or so.

  • Lynne B

    An apple a day get the poop away. Also, make sure you are drinking enought water.

  • deport_scum

    If you have trouble going…try eating some prunes. They are excellent, and also a LOT healthier than using drugs!

  • vtsztpu

    You need to try some enteric coated peppermint oil capsules (Peppermint Plus by Enzymatic Therapy is the trade name). It often does wonders for IBS sufferers.
    For fiber I eat a half a cup of Kellogg Bran Buds each night. It really works for me.
    You may also want to start on Activia in the yogurt section of your grocery store, or take a good probiotic supplement. They will help correct the dysbiosis which often is present in IBS as well.
    Good luck!

  • Hot Tee

    while in CHILE I was taken by a bad case of diarrher,My friend’s mom,Took two lemons and squeesed the juce into a glass,And then added a half tea spoon of bakeing powder, And as it foamed she told me to drink it all.It worked so well I still cant belive it.
    I think it corrects the acids in the stomic or kill the bacteria,as it is acitic,and airates the stomic.

    note- I did not write that.

    but this is me- my dad tried this and he was so much better it was amazing!

  • KIRK M

    Drink plenty of water. Most people and especially women don’t drink enough water. If you say I’m thirsty and need a drink of water your already dehydrated which adds to problems with constipation. Soft drinks don’t count and neither does coffee, water and sport drinks will do a far better job.

  • Prior of the Ori

    Check out this website.They help a lot of people with the same problems you have and they’ll Never charge you a penny.

    Kirk is telling you the truth.water is the cure.

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