what is a good colon cleanse to take?

There are losts of ads on different types of colon cleansers, such as Dherbs and Evercleanse, but I’m not sure which ones are good to take (that will work). What have you all taken, did it work and were there any side-effects, etc.?


  • Vital Force


    I used what I believe to be the best and number one colon cleanser in the world, DrNatura’s Colonix colon cleanse three part program at http://www.drnatura.com

    This particular bowel cleanse product was brought to my attention by my husband. I will be espousing the virtues of this outstanding colon and parasite cleanse product until my last breath.

    This DrNatura Colonix three part colon cleanse, literally gave me a "new lease on life." I had been quite ill for several years. I had spent years of wasted time in a body suffering from autointoxification from too much old material not passing through my intestines. This old sludge was seeping through my intestinal wall and polluting my blood which was affecting my whole body.

    I went from Doctor to Doctor trying to figure out why my health was falling apart and why I constantly felt so tired and fatigued. Nothing helped me so dramatically as did the Colonix. Yes, Colonix to the rescue! I did about a 2 1/2 month cleanse.

    After that cleanse I was able to hike for the first time in years!

    I also had a friend of mine do the cleanse and she passed a thirteen inch worm. Yes, parasites have been occupying the human host for a very long time http://www.healthbanquet.com/parasites-roundworm-tapeworm.html

    You are on the right track with thinking about doing a colon cleanse. Remember the saying, "Death Begins In The Colon." That is so true.

    Definitely check out Colonix. Because of my anguishing years of poor health and then restoring my health, I created a website to teach others how to naturally take an active role in improving their health. Also, at my website I go into detail about how my health turned around from the Colonix intestinal cleanse http://www.healthbanquet.com/colon-cleanse.html Go for the best, DrNatura’s Colonix.

    Your body will thank you.

    Vital Force

  • kelsey

    I tried one a few years ago, but I don’t remember what brand. It didn’t do anything, as far as I could tell. I’ve read articles where health professionals say it is a waste of money and you don’t need to do it. I’m not sure what to believe.

  • astarkeeper1983

    Bowtrol is rated pretty well.

    I’ve had some luck with it, and thankfully no side effects. Do some research though, before deciding on one yourself. Read reviews and other people’s opinions on them.

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