public health project?

At my school, there is this program where we have to create projects on a certain topic that will make a difference in our community. My topic is public health but that is so broad and i don’t know what to do it on.
I was thinking about doing it on something like unhealthy food like mcdonalds and perhap school lunches but what can i do with that?
any other subject on public health is fine, thats like the only one i know about
please give me suggestions on ideas for projects. i want to make a big difference somewhere but i don’t know where to start


  • Gumdrop Girl

    As a public health professional, I gotta say, I *love* deb’s idea. The health insurance and public assistance systems are really hard to navigate, and usually the people who need them most are the ones with the least resources to slog through all the red tape and paperwork.

    I’ve got my own pet projects, though. My favorite public health topis is STD education. Young people are often CLUELESS about sexual health and safety (look at the STD forum — it’s INSANE!). Discuss teen pregnancy prevention and adolescent STD rates. The topic is controversial, of course, so if you like generating a big buzz, this is your chance.

    Another good topic: mental health and youth. A lot of teens experience depression, stress and anxiety. Help them become aware of these conditions, their impact and lead them to local public health resources like cheap/free counseling, support groups, crisis lines, etc.

    Another great idea is vaccinations for adolescents. You can talk about the general impact of vaccination has had on public health (i.e., VAST IMPROVEMENTS). Then you can focus your project on vaccines that teens need like DTaP boosters, meningococcal, Gardasil and flu. Remind teens of the vax schedule and direct them to public health resources for cheap/free vaccines. Discuss the national Vaccines for Children program that funds vaccines for kids in the US.

    Public health nutrition is a great idea, too. Don’t just focus on McD’s, though. Talk about the typical young adult diet (junk food, soda), exercise habits (lack thereof). Talk about adolescent obesity and diabetes rates. Give tips on healthy nutrition (simple things like switching to whole grain bread on sandwiches, water or diet soda instead of sugar, and grilled chicken instead of fried). Make healthy eating and exercise accessible to them so it’s easier to implement.

  • Want to make a big impact? Start researching on where people with no insurance can get help to afford health care. Make a book of listings and include suggestions about affordable medications, sources for free and low cost prescriptions. You see many people in that situation cant afford a computer and need help in finding this stuff out.
    Use your internet skills to help your community.

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