Mass On My Thyroid. Scared and Would Like Some Advise, Please?

I have a mass on my thyroid. I am going to the doctors’ tomorrow. I have had this mass for over 5 years. I am 19 years old. I never got it checked out because I convinced myself that it was nothing. My grandmother had a mass on her thyroid, too. From what I have been told, it wasn’t cancer… but, she did get it removed. Here is the thing: it is possible for a mass to stay on your thyroid for more than 5 years (it hasn’t grown, it is firm… but, movable) without it being cancer?

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  • Aspasia

    There are a variety of conditions that can cause an enlarged thyroid, or you could have benign growths on your thyroid that are called nodules. These are rarely cancerous, and they are a possible cause of hyperthyroidism, which is when your thyroid produces too much thyroid hormone. Sometimes nodules do not cause any thyroid hormone problems at all. A sonogram or ultrasound of your neck may be ordered to get a good look at your thyroid gland.
    You will also likely get some bloodwork done. This test will look for thyroid stimulating hormone, also known as TSH. This is a hormone secreted by your pituitary gland to make the thyroid function properly. Abnormal levels can indicate hormone problems; low TSH means hyperthyroidism and high TSH can indicate hypothyroidism, which is an underactive thyroid. The test will also look for thyroid hormones, known as T3 and T4, in your bloodstream. The doctor will physically examine your neck.
    This will help the doctor diagnose the problem and prescribe treatment. If any abnormalities are found, you may be referred to an endrocronologist, which is a doctor who specializes in disorders of the body’s glands or endrocrine system.
    Thyroid cancer is rare, and it does not spread easily like other cancers. It is very much treatable. My grandmother had it years ago and she is doing great today. You made the right choice by going to the doctor to check it out, just to be on the safe side. Thyroid hormone disorders are bad for your body too.
    I used to have an enlarged thyroid when I was hyperthyroid. I had the sonogram done, and I keep up with my checkups. Don’t panic; it is unlikely that you have thyroid cancer.
    Thyroid disorders do run in families and are heriditary.
    Good luck, and don’t worry too much.

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