If yiu have thyroid problems, is it harder to conceive?

This is not my issue, guys, its my sister. She wants to know, if you have thyroid problems, is it hard to conceive a baby?


  • Your thyroid functioning impacts your entire body’s functioning from liver, heart, lungs, and reproductive systems. If the thyroid problem is not managed then yes, it may not happen and if it does it may be more likely to lose the baby. Once managed, however, the problem no longer impacts conception chances as the levels of all systems are regulated. As another responder said, it is important that the medication taken be safe to take during pregnancy. I have underactive thyroid and take synthroid, which is perfectly safe to take; however, not all medications that treat thyroid conditions are safe so she will need to check with her doctor.

  • biggizzle93

    u have goiter?

  • depends on the problem and how strong is her body
    sometimes is really hard
    sometimes is not.

  • christopher S

    yes, unless you are on medication

  • Chucky3680

    not really

  • hollister12cali

    I heard that at school from the school nurses.

  • Aquarising

    Have heard so.
    At the same time I know some who did conceive.

    Best go to a Doc.

  • I have hyperactive thyroids and am on 15mg carbimazol and am not allowed to get preg on this medicine make sure the med she is on is sfe first…. Also this has 100% no effect on conceiving as the drug is to top up the missing hormones. But if she is not on any medicine can be a bad thing to get preg as the body is not sutiable as things in the body will not function properly.

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