Hyperactive 5 yr old!!!?

hi my daughter is extremey hyperactive to the point she can be sick when jumping around.she runs across roads and has no danger awareness whatsoever. the school have raised several concerns due to her behaviour and violent temper (hitting a child across the head with a rock in school is the latest) because she was playin with someone else. she is on the verge of being expelled so i decided to join a parenting course for behaviour help which doesnt seem to deal with much past the point of shouting tantrums and 2 yr olds biting. my daughter has 9 months to wait to see a behaviour officer in school for some testing but i would really like to see if there is something else we as parents can do. we have cut out all sweets, crisps, pop and chocs in her diet and are now looking in to e numbers. i have read about evening primrose oil and omega 3 supplements. can anyone recommend anything or have tried these tablets on children. i will obviously speak to m health viitor before giving her anything but she is on a two week annual leave. please help. thanks


  • Charmeleon *Happi Hills*

    See a psychologist.

  • Red food colourings have been somewhat linked to ADHD, but further studies are needed. Look closely at labels- things like bottled tea or juice can have just as much, if not more, sugar than soda. High-fructose corn syrup is just another form of sugar, as is sucrose, dextrose, glucose, and many other forms that aren’t labeled directly as sugar.

    It could be that she has a genuine disorder. Normally, people quickly learn to fear the danger of cars in the road, and are quick to understand the negative consequences of hitting others. Also, she seems from the incident with the rock described, to lack empathy for others; however, at a young age, some children cannot do this. Has autism been considered? There are many forms and reactions, as well as degrees of autism.

    Autism does not necessarily mean a low IQ- I’ve known a few high-IQ people who do have autism. It can* mean that the person has no concept of things like inherent dangers, or empathy, and have a hard time switching tasks or multitasking. Some people get very, very still and parents think their kid is lazy, and others run around until they get dizzy and collapse. There is nothing primrose oil can do about that, and omega-3 (fish oil) is only proven to provide heart health and possibly better skin and nails. Neither of those things will help your daughter. Primrose oil is only moderately effective for inflammation, such as eczema. Science has not proven any other benefits. In fact, primrose can cause GI tract issues and headaches in many people.

    She needs care quicker than 9 months. She needs care now. Most schools are legally required to care for children with special needs, but with education funding being cut to the bone, schools often don’t have the resources to perform such a task, and can’t afford to hire someone who does. Instead, they expel special-needs students so that they don’t have to take care of them. You need a good doctor to evaluate her.

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