• old know all

    The best way is to get a recipe and follow it.
    You’ll need an oven, a cake tin, some self-raising flour, fat, sugar, eggs – and if it’s a fruit cake, some fruit.

  • wannabe sewer

    Pick an easy recipe that you have all the ingredients to beforehand and follow the directions carefully. If you get stuck on anything, make sure you have someone to answer them or look them up on the internet. Also, make sure it is something you like and will enjoy. Try just a simple vanilla or chocolate cake. Good luck and good eating.

  • Beemo

    Put the batter in the oven.

  • Baffled

    If you are baking your first cake, here is one that is super easy and pretty fool proof:


    You just dump all the ingredients into one pan, stir well and bake! Then when the cake is completely cooled, just frost it with your favorite homemade or canned or boxed frosting. This cake is so moist that you might not even need any frosting!

  • my mum bakes alot of cakes and i get recipes from her. the easiest is 8oz butter creamed together with 8oz sugar. add in four eggs and sift in 8oz flour bake in a oven preheated to 180degrees. If you devide between two eight inch cake tins they should only take bout 20min and in buns cases bout 12-15. use a knife and poke them into the centre and if it come out clean with no residue then they are good to eat. use it as a victoria sponge or add coco powder for chocolate. i like adding camp coffee and crushed walnuts. also if you subsite the sugar to light brown sugar and add a tablespoon of malasus you can then add ginger and it makes a lush ginger cake. top it with choclate its really yummy.

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