Any Home Remedies for Sleepwalking?

I’ve been known to sleep walk a lot. Its been happening a lot more lately. The other night my parents heard me screaming so my mom told me to come to sleep next to her, and in the morning they told me about it and I had no recollection of it.
I’ve also gone up and thrown up in the sink and went back to sleep.

I dont want to see a doctor just yet, so are there any home remedies i can do before i see one?


  • heli_guy60

    u can try: non-prescription "Serenitol" . helps people with sleep-related disorders. OR the all-natural "Valerian" herbal sedative usually available at a health food store.

  • p41nt1llh43rtimf1r3

    tie urself down

  • laura and gnomes

    i would talk to a doctor anyway, it may be as simple as a change in diet or what you do before bed. lay off of the coffee, soda, and junk foods. it has been known to help some people. make sure the doors are locked!!!

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