about thyroid problems?

Is a person with thyroid problems medically unable to work? And does this condition cause emotional problems? I am talkiing about a 23 year old female with 1 small child


  • cbrdgt.

    Thyroid problems can cause emotional problems, mainly if they aren’t untreated. A thyroid problem is usually not a big enough problem to get someone on SSD. If the person is incapacitated by their thyroid problems and/or not responding to treatment, then maybe they will get on it.


    I have hypothyroidism and have been working for over 11 years.Have been raising my son whom is 8 yrs old now,just fine.As long as the medication is taken correctly,she can function just fine.

  • 2blest2Bstrest

    There are many (especially those who have not had this) who will tell you ‘you can lead a normal life’. Yeah, right! I have researched this a lot & MANY who have been on the meds for years & show a normal level, are still barely able to function!

    My situation is that I cannot get meds to find out if they will help me…I have no ins to pay for the ofc visits, labs, then meds. I have Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroiditis (diagnosed 2 1/2 yrs ago). I am 53 & raising a troubled 11 yr old grandson and I am doing it only by the grace of God! I have so many of the symptoms that it is unreal! If I think I am having a halfway decent day and try to get extra done that I have had to let go, well then I suffer extra for the next few days.

    I am on my 3rd try for SSD (have not been able to work 3 yrs now) & have a hearing upcoming. I am just praying for God’s will. If and when I get it, I may then be able to 1st pay med debt I already owe then go back to the Endo to treat my disease. (She is one who, w Hashi’s, 1st takes a ‘wait & see’ approach until one goes completely hypO.)

    The emotional problems are the worst part of this for me…I have outbursts of anger outta nowhere. I also have terrible panic attacks, depression, etc.

    If you find you cannot work, please apply SSD even if you don’t need the money, just so you can help it be recognized for how bad it is, for others that need the SSD money.

    God bless you.

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