What are the behavioural and psychiatric changes manifested in Thyroid disease?

If untreated is there any danger of a person having thyroid problem becoming a psychotic?
today i personally encountered a woman who behaved like a psychotic, crying. when contacted her relatives, i was informed that she had thyroid problem only.


  • DR.Rosen

    Thyroid Disease also known as Hashimoto’s Disease . has to be divided between hyper and hypothyroidism

    Both have similar effects, with a different set of symptoms,but other symptoms can appear in both forms of Thyroid illness. Their degree of intensity however may differ. Frequently symptomatic illnss can pre exist prior to the emergence of thyroid disease, such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and irritability In those cases the symptoms may be more severe.

    In hyperthyroidism agitation cognitive changes, loss of weight , cognitive changes as well disturbances,anxiety, cognive changes and can and do appear

    Symptoms of hypothyroidysm are essentially similar except some symptons are more intense, while others are milder.Sleep disturbance , are more prominent in hyperthyroidism, excess weight gain is more frequently unique to hypothyroidism Bipolar illness is found in both Psychotic Depression and loss of energy is more severe among persons with hypo thyroidism, Cognitive changes can appear after long periods without treatment illness In Hyperthyroidism blood pressure elevation is higher, as well as tachycardia

    Hypothyroidism is treated with medication ( generally Thyroid Hormone ), while hyperthyroidism has been treated with iodine, ablation , or partial removal of the Thyroid Gland. However what is very important is not to over treat patients with hyperthyroidysm, because if not careful hypothyroidism.can develop
    Excessive dosing with hormones and/or iodine c
    can in the opposite case cause the reverse symptomatology . The development of scizophrenia with thyroid condition is unusual, except in those patients, who had a pre – existing condition So careful monitoring in Treatment is essential

    Hope this helped

  • Andrea

    Psychotic no but depression is a common side effect of untreated hypothyroidism. Hyperthyroidism can cause anxiety….. Hashimoto’s can manifest as mania and the person diagnosed as Bipolar until the thyroid issue is found…….. but psychotic, no. There would be physical symptoms severe enough to hospitalize someone long before it got that bad from a psychiatric standpoint.

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