What are some natural remedies for lack or imbalance b/w hormones?

I think I have an imbalance of androgen and estrogen in my body. My periods are very scant (shows up once in 3 months) and I have been progressively gaining weight despite exercising and eating healthier than be4. I also have acne which is not due to the use of products. I went to the gyno and he just pushed BC pills on me without even hearing me out. I have another appnt with another gyn which is like 3 months away. I read that excess androgens can be the cause of my problems. Are there any natural remedies to "fix" this? I am not reely interested in taking artificial hormone pills. I may be very wrong in my self-diagnosis; so plz help me out here.
Thanks Camelia,
Yeah I got my thyroid checked but it has been a month and the doctor hasnt called back; which under normal circumstances might mean that I am ok. But I am gonna call and ask for the results since u say their values are outdated. Thnx again for the answer!
Just so u know, other than these symtoms, I feel healthy for the most part. I sleep well and my digestion is quite good.

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  • Camellia

    I think you should try a gluten free diet. Amenorrhea and weight gain are both symptoms of celiac disease and pcos. Celiac disease is a gluten intolerance and lots of people with pcos respond well to gluten free diets. Both are extremely common, so the chances of you having one of these two conditions are good. It is possible that you have excess androgens, but I doubt that this is a primary condition. I think it is a symptom of something else. The gluten free diet is the first thing you should do.

    The next thing you should do is get your thyroid checked. It causes weight gain and amenorrhea. And have them give you the test results and look them up yourself. Lots of physicians are very unaware of the current recommendations for diagnosis and treatment. A lot of cases are going undiagnosed because they’re going off of outdated lab values. Also, a lot of physicians are now recognizing subclinical hypothyroidism, where your lab values are in range, but you still have symptoms.

    I agree with you about the birth control pills. It’s like they don’t even care what’s going on with your body, they just want to mask the symptoms with birth control pills. Even if you’re not sick, they try to get you to take them for birth control. It’s a little ridiculous. I’m fine with taking medication if it’s necessary, but I think they push it without even trying to get to the bottom of it.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    edit: that’s good that you feel healthy. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that your health problems couldn’t be related to food because you don’t have digestive symptoms. Food intolerances don’t usually have digestive symptoms, that’s why they’re so hard to diagnose. They have much more delayed and long term symptoms. Also, I found that, for me, acne is related to gluten a little bit, but dairy and eggs are a big trigger. And you could probably call at this point to get your thyroid results. They get busy and don’t call you even when your results got back weeks ago. Annoying! 🙂

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