Websites about diabetes health counselors?

Whats a diabetes health counselor? Like…what are the requirements to become one and the salary range??
If u know any websites that would help..THANK U!


  • Oscar C

    A diabetes health counselor gives information and advices to individuals and communities to promote and provide healthy lifestyles.
    Average Annual Salary

    Salary Range
    $28,500 – $56,100

    Health Educator
    Health educators are an integral part of community health education programs. They provide information to individuals and communities in an effort to promote, maintain, and improve healthy lifestyles. Some of the issues that are of importance include substance abuse, safety, HIV/STDs, nutrition, high blood pressure, smoking, pregnancy, and diabetes. Health educators are also responsible for collecting and analyzing data for the purpose of researching, designing, and presenting preventative health care programs. These individuals must be able to inform and organize community coalitions in order to address concerns and issues that effect the health of communities. Health educators are often responsible for writing educational material, newsletters, public information reports, and grant proposals. They may specialize in various areas that include clinical health, public health, community health, industrial health, and school health. The main objective for a health educator is to prevent disease and promote healthy lifestyles through knowledge and behavior change. Anyone interested in health education must enjoy working with a variety of people, have good oral and written communication skills, and have a desire to help people.

    Work Environment:
    Health educators typically work in health departments, community organizations, corporations/worksites, volunteer organizations, schools, colleges, and governmental organizations.

    High School Preparation:
    Students interested in a career as a health educator should take courses in biology, English, public speaking, algebra, geometry, behavioral sciences, social sciences, computer skills, writing, and health occupations/medical professions education.

    College Requirements:
    Individuals interested in health education must have a high school diploma or the equivalent. To become certified as a health educator, students must first receive a bachelor’s degree in health education/promotion, public health, or community health. They must then pass a comprehensive written exam given by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. Once the student has passed the exam, they will be recognized as a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES). Health educators may further their education with a master of public health degree. Students interested in health education should contact schools for information on admission and course of study.

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