Natural Birth Control?

I do not want to use the estrogen pills, and my body cannot use I.U.D’s, condoms are an inconvenience that gets easily overlooked with my boyfriend and I. Are there any other natural options? Thank you for your help. Deep appreciations.


  • Brennerbee

    Well, there are other options… but other than abstinence, Natural Family Planning Method, or Fertility Awareness Method, there are no truly natural methods…just some are more natural than others.

    I have used a diaphragm (with contraceptive jelly with it as recommended) with no unwanted pregnancies and liked that option. However diaphragms are becoming harder to get. I also have the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler, MPH. This is an excellent book for understanding your fertility and gynecological health and it explains the Fertility Awareness method of birth control. Be aware that to effectively use this method for birth control you need a firm grasp on understanding your cycle and the rules of the method. I use the more conservative rules of this method without problem, and the diaphragm the rest of the time.

    Check out the links below for more information. The first link lists Birth Control options and explains them and their effectiveness rates. The following links provide more information to other natural methods and products. And the last link it to the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. You can also find that book on Amazon and in bookstores.

    Hope this helps. I know where you are coming from. It can be frustrating to find natural birth control methods. Remember as with all methods of birth control the effectiveness of the natural options relies on how properly and accurately you use them.

    **The Rhythm Method is NOT effective. And don’t confuse the Rhythm method with Natural Family Planning (NFP) or Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), they are very different. The Rhythm Method relies on a faulty plan of predicting ovulation and your fertile time. Cycles vary and this is why the Rhythm method is not effective, you can not predict fertility based on past cycles effectively, changes can and do occur no matter how regular you are. NFP and FAM relies on you charting your menstrual cycle and going off that month to month, it does not rely on past patterns or average cycle lengths, this makes them much more effective. When used properly FAM can be as effective as the pill, but it dependent entirely on the discipline of the woman and her understanding of the cycles and rules. **

  • MrsKShuck

    There is no natural birth control. I don’t like condoms either, but I still use them because we don’t want to get pregnant again.

  • JD's mommie

    Condoms or just pull out but you can not always relie on the pulling out method. My husband and I do not like condoms either but we still use them

  • Magenta

    There’s always the rhythm method –

    but it means avoiding sex at certain times, so you’d need the self control.

    Or a diaphragm –

    but it’s nowhere near 100% effective.

    You could always try a combination of the two, and keep condoms around for emergencies. Remember no matter how inconvenient condoms are, screaming babies are a lot worse.

  • Hannah Ransom

    Look into the sympto-thermal method of fertility awareness and see if that is something you are keen to do. It takes a bit of effort to learn but once you learn it it’s an automatic brainless activity 🙂 And it’s super effective if you learn it well and practice it correctly. It involves checking your waking temperature and cervical fluid daily and gives you an accurate fertile window with that information. I teach the method.

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