Drinking grapefruit juice whist on fluoxetine (Prozac)?

Hi, iv been on fluoxetine for 7 months after having really bad OCD and a fear of being sick after having my son. I have to admitt I do feel as if they arnt working as well as they were at first. Anyways the last two days iv been drinking pure pink grapefruit juice, I saw it and love grapfruit juice without thinking.

Today I googled to see if it was good for you as I drink a couple of glasses a day and saw it said it was dangerous to drink whilst on certain meds? Fluoxetine (Prozac) being one of them, someone said it could be very dangerous.it rang a bell and I think I remember my doctor telling me this when I first got the medication. Now I’m really worried.
I had one carton over the last two days, but to be onest I feel fine infact maybe bit better then normal or are the affects long term?
Also do you think I should get my dosage upped?
Sensible awnsers only please!


  • It was a Canadian scientist who first found that grapefruit juice and other medicine do not go well. What he really proved that grapefruit juice neutralizes many medicines. so in effect you do not get the benefit of taking those meds. For ex. if someone is on BP pills and drinks grapefruit juice then his BP will not be controlled thru BP pills because the grapefruit makes it ineffective. Now before you all jump to declare grapefruit the villain listen to this first. Grapefruit is one of the strongest antioxidant fruit plus it is the most efficient scavenger it throws out any foreign material it finds anywhere in the stomach. So it is not dangerous in the sense that it reacts and mixes negatively with medicines. It only makes them ineffective by showing them the door before they are absorbed by the system. So if you keep 6-8 hours gap between the two then there is no problem if not then also there is no harm apart from the med being made useless by grapefruit. In fact anyone who regularly takes grapefruit does not need medicines.
    dosage upped? again same answer as above just maintain as much gap between the two as is possible.

  • Melissa

    I take prozac and have never heard or been told by my doctor not to drink grapefruit juice. You can’t believe everything you read on line. Talk to your doctor Maybe you do need your medication upped.

  • pat m

    Alcohol not grapefruit juice. Booze and meds don’t mix that’s the general rule.

  • Sussex

    i checked the drugs that interact with grapefruit juice and fluoxetine is not mentinoed. the main one you should not drink grapefruit with is statins for cholesterol. other than that there are a few such as some antibiotics and antihistamines but it only stops these medicines from working so well. if you are worried then i would consult your pharmacist as they will be able to give you good advice.

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