Doing Insanity Fitness – Am i eating right?

So basically its so much effort to calculate calories im meant to be eating 2500 calories a day to lose weight, i think thats too much so 1500-2000 is good for me

On the average day i eat

Two sandwiches with wholemeal bread with either banana or a piece of meat with no fat in.
Two-three bowls of cheerios
A piece of meat with potato or something..

is this healthy? will this help me lose weight considering i used to live off junk food, ive also gone from fizzy drinks to diet vimto. i also use 0% fat milk


  • audrey_o

    You don’t seem to be eating many vegetables here!

    you’d be better with cereal or porridge with either fresh fruit or a fresh fruit smoothie for breakfast.
    A lunch of something like salmon or skinless chicken breast grilled with a side salad and an evening meal of lean meat, fish or chicken with vegetables and brown rice or pasta.

    I’d cut out even the diet fizzy juice and switch to water or dilute you should be drinking at lease 6-8 glasses of water per day.

    The fact that even your new diet is healthier than your old junk food diet means with some regular exercise or even brisk walking you will see some positive results in your health and weight.

    good luck.

  • well there is barely any fruit no veg…….

    no it is not healthy
    have some healthy cereal to start the day ie porridge or muesli

    then have some fruit
    a mid morning snack ie a smoothie or other fruit or rice cakes
    sandwich for lunch followed by a yogurt

    for dinner have a jacket potato and salad and some chicken or fish

    more fruit
    make sure you have a good variety of food daily and drink plenty of water

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