Calling all Thyroid Patients!! Have you ever.. during examination..?

For all those who have been diagnosed with a thyroid condition or those who know people with thyroid..
Have you ever – during a thyroid examination with your thyroid specialist, had to strip down to nothing but panties and a gown, and have the doctor feel your breasts – on and around them?
I just want to know if this is a normal thyroid examination or was I being taken advantage of?
Every single time I would go in for a check up my former thyroid specialist (I’m looking into a new one hopefully now), would do this ..
Is this the right procedure for a thyroid examination/ check up?
Thank you so much!

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  • cbrdgt

    Never! I go to multiple doctors (including an Endocrinologist and Endocrine Surgeon) because I have Thyroid cancer and I have never had to be in a gown for a regular thyroid/neck examination. I have had my abdomen looked at, so my shirt was up, but never anything else like breasts. Do you have a male doctor? If so, a female nurse should be in the room when you are in a gown. That’s weird, I would report them. Good luck with finding your new specialist!

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