Anyone know about colon or body cleansing?

I’ve been interesting in cleansing my body internally for awhile now. I don’t want to visit any clinics or anything and get that huge tube (LOL) but I am interested in taking some supplements or vitamins. I’ve been reading up on Dr. Natura Colonix and although it’s mainly positive, I also seen a lot of negative reviews. But I want to feel healthier and I don’t want my gas or breath to smell bad. I also remember seeing an infomercial on television about a colon cleansing product that seemed very good at removing a lot of the waste in regular bowel movements (nothing like laxatives though). Does anyone know that product or can recommend anything else?
No. This has nothing to do with diet pills or wanting to be thin. I just heard it’s important to cleanse your body every once in awhile with a cleansing that lasts for a few days and not like, months or anything since that’ll take away your body’s nutrients and moisture.


  • Colon, also known as large intestine, is responsible for extracting water from feces. Colon or large intestine is subdivided into four sections, namely, ascending colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon and transverse colon. Colon cleansing is crucially important to our system. Colon needs to be cleaned properly in order to eliminate bodily wastages. This article sheds light on the necessity of colon cleansing, different risks associated with dirty colon and overview of natural colon cleansing.

    The Reason to Cleanse Colon

    Our daily diet is full of saturated fat and refined carbohydrate. The excess amount of fat actually makes the feces sticker. Different scientific studies confirmed that increased saturated fat in the diet along with reduced fiber may actually heighten the risk of colon cancer. The extra fat sticking on the wall of the colon may contribute to increasing risk. The refined carbohydrate may also worsen the condition as well. When we take refined carbohydrate in our diet, we actually accumulate substances that are not fully digested and protein precipitates can be left behind to make the colon wall harden.

    It is true that even if we take a great care of our health, it does not necessarily mean that we can eliminate fully all of our bodily wastages from our body. Certainly if we care about cleansing our system, especially colon, we may lessen various risks of developing many serious health hazards. A good natural colon cleansing program offers cleansing our bodily wastages at optimum level.

    Risk of Dirty Colon

    If feces are left behind the colon, it is certainly bad for our health. But of course it is good for bacterial infection. If prolonged infection caused by bacteria persists, it may lead to colon lining. Apart from that, bacterial infection can cause bowel cancer.

    Cleanse colon to promote health

    Cleansing of colon means detoxification of body. Herbs rich with dietary fibers are particularly beneficial promoting regulated bowel movement. Psyllium functions as natural colon cleansing. It is rich with water-soluble, gel-reducing fiber. In practice, there are two types of dietary fibers, one is soluble and the other one is insoluble. Both of these fibers are helpful in regulating bowel movement. Psyllium is derived from the husks of flaxen psyllium seeds. It is useful in treating various digestive complications such as diarrhea, colitis, constipation and diverticular disorders. It has been widely used in different types of natural colon cleansing program effectively.

    Apart from that, Triphala is also used in treating digestive problems and is an integral part of many types of natural colon cleansing program. Most prevalently our regular diets are low in fiber content. These foods have a propensity to decelerate intestinal transmit time ensuing in unbalanced bowel movements. These foods take time to travel to intestine, frequently following in constipation. However, dietary fiber coming under natural colon cleansing program helps in softening and bulking stools. The bulking of stool promotes detoxification from toxic substances within colon as it soaks the attached toxic substances from the intestinal wall.

    Benefits of Natural Colon Cleansing Products

    The purpose of colon cleansing is to detoxify the system internally in such a fashion that body may contain only a reduced level of toxic substances and bacteria in the body. Human feces consist of different toxic substances and risky bacteria that may cause infection in the blood stream, if normal bowel movements do not take place in a regular fashion. It may lead to such complications that even become fatal in time.

    Natural colon cleansing products promote gentle removal of feces as well as of undigested substances concentrated on the bowel wall. It is not a mandatory requirement that you use colon cleansing products that claim to have natural ingredients in it; rather you have the flexibility to use different products that actually promote natural colon cleansing. You may use prune juice, bale fruit, corn syrup, psyllium seed, pears and grape juice to cleanse your colon naturally.

  • Courtney

    diet pills are NOT the answer, they give you major tummy cramps and it is painful as crud. when you take diet pills your body clenses it and causes you to poop alot to get it all out of your body so you will be in pain for awhile. just eat healthy?

  • Hey,
    Here are some really good ways you can cleanse you colon naturally:
    1.Herbal Colon Cleansing

    This is a very effective method of cleansing our colon. People find it practical to take herbs in capsule form, tea bags, and powder drinks. Some even make their own mixture of herbs to help them clean their systems. Herbs that are rich in fiber are excellent choice. These herbs promote removal of the toxins from the colon.

    Flax seeds are also used to promote peristalsis or normal movement of the intestines. The Peristalsis action gives way to the passage of waste products along the colon out to through the rectum.

    2. Eating Vegetables and Fruit Juices

    A lot of people undergo fasting to cleanse the colon. The only food intake allowed during this period is vegetables and fruit juices. It will be best to take organic produce to maximize the nutrients of the vegetables and fruits.

    Fasting doesn’t benefit the colon alone. It also promotes detoxification of the kidney and liver. Eating fruits and vegetables give the digestive system a time to rest since these are very easy to breakdown.

    One must consult a doctor prior to fasting just to make sure that it will be safe and everything will be carried out correctly.

    3. Probiotics

    Probiotics are health supplements which help re-establish the balance between good and bad bacteria in the body. During colon cleansing, most of the toxins and bacteria are flushed down including those that our body needs.

    Probiotics contain live good bacteria which can help eliminate thriving bad bacteria. Yoghurt is a common source of probiotics but it can also be sourced from bananas, garlic, and onions.

    4. Enemas

    Enema involves flushing of the colon with warm water. A little tube is passed thru the anus and warm water is allowed to wash the walls of the colon. Some do not find the set up very convenient but enemas contribute a lot as it simulate peristalsis of the colon and is able to get rid of harmful toxins that cling to the wall of the colon.

    The only primary concern with self enema kits is the maintenance of a sterile environment.
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