womens natural medicines?

how do you feel about natural medicines given instead of antibiotics for womens health such as yeast infections? does it help, is it safe?


  • KristenOne

    I think that in many cases, natural medicines and remedies can be of great preventative use. Yogurt, for example, is wonderful at preventing vaginitis, when it is caused by either yeast or bacteria. And cranberry juice and supplements are wonderful for preventing urinary tract infections.

    However, in most bacterial infections, once they’ve started, I still believe there is nothing like a good antibiotic to knock them out…and quickly! Natural medicines can be used in conjunction, but I’m not sure how reliable they are on their own.

  • shannonlee05

    im finding out that natural supplements are working GREAT for me i am going thru early menepause at 37 and all the hormonal problems i have and all the weird things that my body is going thru the vitamins that i was told about to help it ACTUALLY work great! im alot better and i dont have to take medicine prescribed i just take vitamins

  • My personal opinion…depends on the illness. But I have never heard of a doc prescribing antibiotics for a yeast infection. For a yeast infection you can soak a tampon in witchazel and tea tree oil (i think its 5 parts witchazel to 1 part tea tea but check) and insert the tampon for a couple hours. Better to use natural remedies than unnatural if possible. But if the natural doesnt work, take the meds!!

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