Thyroid/Love question.?

I know someone with an extremely overactive thyroid, i asked him if he was capable of feeling love(because his thyroid is very overactive and the side effects are very obvious, like apathy). Does anyone know if someone with this condition may not be able to feel emotions that strong?


  • ♡Precious Zara♡

    Sounds you friend has Graves’ Disease (Severe overactive thyroid). I have Graves’, and the most common symptoms of GD are nervousness and anxiety, although not all patients complain of being nervous. Apathetic hyperthyroidism is described as a case in where the patient is lethargic, weak and in some cases, anorexic. These symptoms are rare, and are directly opposite from what is seen in "classic" hyperthyroid cases making it harder to get diagnosed. In fact, the primary symptoms are apathy and depression, leading to the term "apathetic hyperthyroidism". Apathetic thyrotoxicosis often is seen in the elderly (ie, aged 70-80 y) but it can happen to a hyperthyroid person at any age. Symptoms consistent with apathetic thyrotoxicosis include prolonged duration of symptoms, increased weight loss, cardiovascular abnormalities (common), and ocular findings (less common).

    here is a good link for some info, it includes a PDF file:

  • furry_nurse

    Your thyroid helps control your metabolism, your emotions are controlled by your brain (for the most part).

    Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) does not cause apathy. The main characteristics of hyperthyroidism are thin build, hyperactivity, nervousness.

    Yes, people with hyperthyroidism can feel strong emotion.

  • tanka

    I am overactive but if you take medication you are fine.

  • love-jones

    here’s the answer on love;Love isn’t a feeling,love produces feelings love is what’s considered The Holy Spirit-in us(GOD).If that someone isn’t taking in & putting out"Love"it’s because of nothing else but choice.tell that person on a regular bases that you Love them.I love you both,take care!

  • contessa h is the best thing i can recommend , they helped me with my hyperthyroidism(graves) and they have a tool called top doc and it is very informative on finding a doctor and patient feedback, just put in the state you are in. And yes i still felt love, just very emotional and bouncing off the walls in the beginning till i received the proper medication and treatment. Take Care.

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