I really need health advise?

OK. this is really long but i need some advise. Im 13 and i had this ‘stomach bug’ where it gave me stomach craps, diarrhea, and stomach gurgles that made me wnt to go to the toilet. so i had this for a good week, then i would just have a queasy stomach the i would have to pass gas (fart) so i had that for a week and also having diarrhea i lost some weight.
So then when it cleared up i went back to school for about 2 weeks, then this whole thing started up again. the same thing and ot lasted about a week then went for a few days and came back again for only about 4 days.
so then i went to the doctors for a few times during this and they said its just a stomach bug and then they wanted a blood test. so then that came back with showing me to be anemic. and since i have lost allot of weight threw this, and im really skinny now and pale from being anemic.
Im also weak. like my heart pounds when i have just walked up the stairs! i feel faint when i walk outside and i get queasy when i walk to much. the thing is, this ‘bug’ comes back when i eat something. pizza to be prissiest. my parents looked into it and they think its lactose intolerance, i think it is too, ive gone off dairy and im normal. but my main thing is how to i not be weak anymore? im not going to school until im not weak. i hate it and i need some advise on how to build my strength up again. thanks if you read all the way there this, ha ha just im a little worried 🙂


  • thenoseknows

    You should see a natural health professional such as a Homeopath or Naturopath.
    It’s very likely you have a malabsorption issue that is causing the anemia — your body is not absorbing nutrients properly. I’m not going to throw a bunch of disease names at you because they’re meaningless. Dietary changes and natural medicines can cure the problem.
    Avoid pasteurized dairy products. Try to go as gluten free as possible, which means avoiding breads and starchy products. Get a good quality juicer and make your own fresh vegetable juice. Driink as much as you want. It’s far superior to the "dead" juice you buy at the store.

  • You should dismiss everything ‘the nose knows’ wrote. A naturopath wouldn’t be able to diagnose squat, let alone why a person is anemic. They can’t even diagnose anemia.

    Most of the symptoms that you list ARE the result of being anemic: pale skin, heart pounding, short of breath, etc. It’s because your blood can’t carry oxygen.

    And it most certainly sounds like you are lactose intolerant – that CAN kill a person, so take it seriously. Sounds like it was trying to do some serious harm to you…so, no more pizza, no matter how tasty, alright?

    Your doctor should have given you a prescription if you are anemic. There are many kinds, so there is no way to know which one you have….

  • The stomach part sounds like lactose intolerance since you were okay when you stopped dairy. 80% of people in the world are lactose intolerant, and most don’t know it. There are many foods with dairy products in it-do some research on it. For example, the pizza you ate has dairy in many ingredients. The dough is made with milk, cheese has milk in it, and even some meat toppings such as pepperoni may have milk in it. Milk it all its’ forms is used in many foods as a filler because it is cheap. Check ingredient lists, although they may not list it as milk. You may need to call the food manufacturers to find out if their products contain milk.
    There are various degrees of lactose intolerance. You may be able to take Lactase Enzymes in the form of pills before you eat/drink products with milk in it. These take the place of what your body is missing to digest milk. Do some research on this too.

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